• Grrrrrrrrrrr

    I am in SUCH A BAD MOOD!!! Whatever COULD go wrong HAS gone wrong. Starting with my laptop which is totally screwed up!! Seems someone (okay me… but lets not nit pick here) has pretty much created a 3 pound paper weight! I’ve worked hours on it… and I think made it worse by the minute. GRRRRRR!! Okay back to work on my fancy paper weight. (WOW!! Look at what I’ll do not to run at night!??!)

  • Where can I buy an extra 30 minutes??

    Today was my weekly phone call with Tyler at WellStrong Fitness. Tyler instructions for this week are adding an extra 15 minutes a day to my walk. Since I’m on a time crunch in the morning (you should see me getting ready for work when I’m running on time….. 15 minutes behind?? Wellllll you may just want to get out OF MY WAY!!) So I’ll have to add a walk after work. (Not crazy about the idea but I know it will kick me back into weight loss……… so I’m going to do it). Tyler also says no starch for the week but add more lean protein. Good-bye oatmeal…….. hello…

  • Week 14

    Yea yea yea….. I know I said I wasn’t going to weigh in today…. but I did it anyway…. it wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be. I gained 1 pound. It could have been worse (ohhh it should have been worse! I had so much fun in Vegas!) So one pound not bad. (Still don’t like it!!) But now it’s back to work!!

  • Kids can do it!!

    Okay, seriously??? I can’t HULA HOOP!??!?!?!? SMALL CHILDREN can hula hoop!!! I had one when I was a kid I have hooped before! ……… so COME ON!!! I bought one called ‘acu-hula-hoop’. It has these silver 1″ wide METAL balls inside the hoop (okay okay I know….I know… YOU would have kept shopping…after YOU saw the metal balls. I on the other hand… well… never mind!!) anyway everytime the hoop falls it hits my knee. (I have a very nice silver dollar size bruise on the outside of my knee) and have yet to get the dang hoop to go around a full time!! I am NOT having fun! I…

  • Such a hard head!!

    I know better but old habits die hard!!! BUT….Since I’ve “already blown my diet THIS week” what’s MORE bad food choices??” AUGH!! NOW I have pizza guilt!! (It did taste really good though!) The smart thing would have been to get right back on the diet life style change wagon today……. but noooooooo not me!! I’m telling you right now I am SO NOT WEIGHING IN ON WEDNESDAY!!! You can’t make me…. you can’t make me! NO NO NO!!! I also received my weighted hula hoop while I was in Vegas (seeing Cher!) and ummmm yea…. I can’t HULA HOOP???!!! I don’t remember hula hoops being THIS hard to do.…

  • Oh what a great vacation!!

    Home sweet home. Vegas was awesome. Cher was AMAZING!! Seriously!! If you are a Cher fan and ever have the opportunity to see her in person… GO! She is amazing!! I promise she is worth every cent!! I’m still on cloud nine. Thank you DH for the most amazing seats!! WOW! I SAW CHER!! LIVE!!! Zachary made it back safe and sound from the Pacific Coast Kikker Knock Out run to San Francisico.

  • Cher and Mick Fleetwood

    Okay, if you are gonna get alllll dolled up….. all wound up and excited…. AND tell everyONE that you are going to go see Cher in concert you MIGHT just want to find out if she is actually PERFORMING that night. Come to find out Cher doesn’t give concerts on Friday nights (nooooo I hadn’t been drinking!!) So slight change of plans…. I will be seeing Cher TONIGHT (Saturday)! So pretend this is brand new news…. woooo hoooo!! Seeing Cher tonight!!! Yea yea yea… I know…. but just work with ME HERE!! Besides….. this way you get a costume change even in the blog! WAIT! Maybe I did this whole…