• Goodnight

    It’s official….. I can no longer stay up all night and still function the next day!! I’m thinking of hitting the pillow by 8pm??? OH COME ON!!!!!!!! HOW (and when!?) did this happen?!?! But tired or not I still walked this morning. I can’t say I walked as fast as normal…. but I walked none the less. I even had fruit and yogurt for dinner. I’m SOOOOO responsible!! (wellll about food today anyway!)

  • I’m so GOOD!!

    I was a very good girl today. I walked this morning. Weighted vest and all. I did stomach crunches. AND I ate like a little ANGEL!! Now that the blog is updated with just how WONDERFUL and perfect I was for the day …… don’t NOBODY be watchin’ me now!!

  • Pity party

    I’ve had a bad week. I didn’t exercise like I should have. Actually, I didn’t exercise at all! That is so BAD for me!! And I paid for it to!! No weight loss and I was tired all the time!! (Okay saying it out loud is making me feel worse!!) In my perfect world I would have more energy if I slept in….. chocolate would be one of the 4 basic food groups too. (The big group!! I’m a greedy girl) But in the real world if I walk and sweat I have energy all day??! I sleep in? I drag all day. Shouldn’t I be tired AFTER I sweat…

  • Whew!!!!!!

    I made it ALLLLLLL day without breaking ANYTHING!!! So I think I’ll go to bed early just to be on the safe side! Oh and thank you for keeping your fingers crossed about the car. The coolant thermostat went out and needed replaced. Not overly expensive…. but I really can’t afford to break anything else. (Good thing payday is soon!!)

  • It’s not what you think!

    No matter what DH tells you I’m not doing it on purpose!! I did not make the old lap top a paper weight so I could have a shiny, new, perfect (very fast) laptop. Just like I did not break the car to get a new one….. If I was doing that I would have broken the cell phone not the car!!! I love my little car!! Okay it’s not broken exactly…. (I HOPE!! Please keep your fingers crossed!) so much as the check engine light came on during my drive home…. so tomorrow morning at 8am I’ll be sitting at the Audi dealership. Which means I won’t be walking…

  • Yippppy!!!

    Soooooo… I made a paper weight out of my old slow laptop and DH made my day by buying me a shiny new FAST FAST FAST laptop!! Wooo hoooo! I’m so excited. This little laptop is SWEEEET!!!! Yes, I know! I know!! You think I am SPOILED!! I prefer to think of it as very well taken care of! Now as far as exercise for the weekend…. shopping counts right?? Okay OKAY!! I’m off to do a work-out on the wii fit. MAN! You guys are STRICT!!!

  • uh ohhhh

    Well, that 3 lbs paper weight formerly known as ‘Connie’s Laptop” is demanding to be factory restored. Working on this computer has sent me into eating non-stop! Granted it’s been better food than I would have chosen before. Almonds (Course probably NOT as many as I’ve eaten and by probably I mean WAY more than I should have) Grapes (good choice. Yea me??) Anyway, I’m still stuffing food in my mouth and growling at my laptop and hopefully I’ll be back up and working for tomorrow’s blog. Why can’t I be one of those people that lose weight when they are stressed? Instead I just want to EAT constantly?!?!