• A Boost

    My weight loss is really starting to show. I’m starting to get a lot of comments from my daughter, to the girls I work with and the patients that we see from year to year. Boy if compliments aren’t a big diet boost I don’t know what is. It might be a big enough boost to make it through Halloween without eating mass amounts of candy! But, I should probably put on a really tight pair of jeans …. so tight I can’t eat just to be on the safe side.

  • Ring ring…..

    Today was my weekly phone call with Tyler at Well Strong Fitness. Tyler said he is going to leave my exercise routine alone. Since I lost 2 pounds for the week. Ya know for the total of TWENTY pounds…. (Sorry, I just really REALLY like that number!) Tyler does want to shake things up in the diet area from now on no more fruit at night. I have to change things up a little, confuse my body to keep promoting weight loss in the home stretch. So no fruit at night, veggies and salads good or even some grilled chicken. The reason behind no fruit at night is vegetables don’t…

  • Week 17

    Here is my weekly blah blah YEEEE HAAAAblah blah post. (I’m all about the subtle!!) I am down 2 pounds!! That make TWENTY pounds GONE!! 20!!! I only have ten pounds to go!! Okay, here is the rest of my weekly report, I walked every morning with Kaki, wearing my weighted vest. (A little faster pace and just a little further too) The vest weighs in at 30 pounds now. I did my ab crunches 3 days. I tried to really limit my carbs. I hardly ate any candy either(It’s Halloween time! I don’t stand a CHANCE!!!) I would have said I didn’t have ANY candy but I’m sure Barbara…

  • Hummmmm

    Okay now I am really stumped! Two days in a row where I am not ravenous?! Do I have an on off switch I didn’t know I had?? This isn’t like me!! Two days in a row where it was easy to stay on track?? Is this how fit, thin people live?? Not thinking about food? Breezing thru exercise? I want to be one of those people!! PLEASE!!! I mean more than just 2 days in a row please. (I know… I’m a greedy girl. HELLO!?!?! Have we just MET!?!?)

  • What’s the catch?!?!

    WOW! I really don’t want to jinx myself but today was easy! Little extra exercise easily done!! Sticking to my diet super easy!! Even bed time…. I actually think I will be in bed and asleep at a decent hour. (And I’m sleepy enough that I don’t think I will be tossing and turning either!!!) I’d like to tell you I’ve learned to control my hunger….. love exercise…. and all that…. but really? I think we all know that’s just not me!! So I’m left with “today was just TOOOOO easy…. what’s the catch!??!?”

  • Another one bites the dust….

    Hummmmm…… can’t decide if I am happy or I am sad. When I got dressed this morning I decided to see if an old favorite pair of jeans fit yet. Yea….. someONE should have checked several pounds ago because they were so big a belt wouldn’t even have helped keep them up!! I can’t believe how big the ‘to go’ pile of clothes has gotten! My family better decide soon when this Garage sale will happen!

  • Relaxing…..

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a great day off! I slept in. I watched back to back movies. (I highly recommend Monsters vs. Aliens! VERY funny!) I didn’t exercise. (I did still pay attention to what I ate… I’m not gonna gain just cause I wanted to be lazy!!) I didn’t clean house……I didn’t catch up on laundry. I was 100% laaaazy!! It was AWESOME!! I know I shouldn’t admit this…. but I stayed in my jammies allllllll day too!!