Okay standing next to Mike Tyson made me feel tiny…. next to Paris Hilton?! No not so much!! I also posed with Mick Fleetwood! I’ll post pictures when I get home tomorrow night….. because I don’t have time right now…. I am on my way to see CHER!!! Betcha all wish you were with me in Vegas!!! OH DH you are SOOOO OUT OF TROUBLE!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gottttta go!

    Arrived safe and sound in Vegas. I’m all unpacked. And now there is a machine down stairs calling my name! I’m pretty sure it said it want’s to give me money! I also want to remind everyone my son is on a charity ride for diabetes San Diego to San Francisco…… so 2 things! If you see these Pacific Coast Knock Out kikker riders (Pffft say that 3 times fast!!) be very careful please (He’s a really good son!! I’d like to keep him) Second…. tell him you are reporting back to me if he isn’t driving safely… there just wasn’t room on that bumper for a “How am I…