2014 Kia Forte

20130815_115911_resizedToday I want to share information about the 2014 Kia Forte from the drivers seat.  There are SO many perks in the driver seat!! Hold on to your hat!!

This car is soooo sweeeet, I did NOT want to give it back!! AT ALL!!!

It’s August and finally last week it actually got HOT here is Southern California. We’ve had the coolest summer I can ever remember!  What a perfect time to be driving the 2014 Kia Forte because it has a COOLED DRIVER SIDE SEAT!!! WHAT?!?! Oh yea…. my buttocks were COLD!! I’ve never driven a car with cooled front seats. Heated front seats yes, I’ve always said I would never buy another car without heated seats …. now… I want cooled too.  3 different levels even!!  That’s not all!! THE BACK SEAT has heated seats too!!!!! My son installs car audio systems, he’s driven every car out there and he’s never seen heated back seats!! MAJOR perk!!  BUT, wait!! The steering wheel is heated!!!

The Forte gives you Driver Memory for 2. SWWEEEET!!!  Your perfect adjustment at the touch of a button!!

The controls on the leather wrapped steering wheel give you easy access to the radio, phone and cruise control.

Keyless entry. (MAN I love that feature!!) Keyless start. Put your foot on the brake and push a button. (Have I mentioned how much I miss that car already??) Put the car into gear and the doors lock. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Auto dimming mirrors.

Dual climate control.

Check out the center console! Deep enough for cd’s, book, and my wallet!

There USB jacks for your iPod!  The back up camera is practically HD quality!! Seriously, the camera is crystal clear!! I would have put DH back there for a photo opp…. but that seemed like a bad message to send…. so instead you see my driveway.  (And DH lives to see another day!!)

Tire pressure monitor system. This car will tell you if your tire pressure is low!!!

I’m telling you, this car is amazing!!

Thank you for reading!! Come back tomorrow I still have more to share about this great car!!! BRING IT BACK!!! I need to drive it around some more!! I forgot to check some stuff!!


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