• Happy Sunday!

    Saturday I did the mature, grown-up thing.  I packed two boxes and proceeded to make an even bigger mess of the dining-room. Then I took a deep breath…….. laid on the couch and started a new book. I hope you are having a great Sunday!!!!!!!! BTW Trophy by Steffen Jacobsen…… WOOOOOOOOOO I was hooked by page one! Now I really don’t want to pack I just want to read!

  • Hillbilly moving

    Gettin’ To Work………

    Enough procrastinating I have GOT to get to WORK!! I’ve really got to do some packing!! I’ve only been whining about it since October. On one hand, June, which is supposed to be when we put this house in California on the market……… is fast approaching. On the other hand June is sooooo far away.  (Don’t you wish you could spend 15 minutes inside my head??) Either way, I did promise The Husband I would really work on packing this month while he is in Idaho painting and installing new doors. I am thinking of starting with closets and drawers. Right? Places that others won’t notice… right?? Or do I…

  • Kitty

    Okay UNCLE Already!

    Whine alert. When I have a bad run I go all out! I am hoping to get all the bad out, done, gone and clear within the first two weeks of 2018.   Over night Mom’s kitty took a turn for the worse. A trip to the vet. Decision made that Miss Kitty should join my Mom.   Miss Kitty never did leave my Mom’s sweatshirt. Poor Miss Kitty was truly heart broken. Animals really do feel pain and loss as deeply as we do. Rest In Peace Miss Kitty.

  • Moving boxes

    I Didn’t Realize………

    This morning it really hit home how much time I have on my hands now.  Alice is in school until 2:30. Mom doesn’t need me anymore. I have the entire morning to……. ummm pack? That’s all??  Just pack?!  And clean?? I can’t do it.  I need the release that writing my blog posts gives me. It’s more like writing to my friends and telling you about my day. Today I am wondering where my energy will come from to start packing again?! I packed a little before Thanksgiving. Then the fires came way to close for comfort so we were in the ‘get ready to evacuate’ area so I hurriedly…

  • Sneezing cartoon

    10 Funny loThings To Ask Alexa!

    When I am bored and really don’t feel like writing I waste time interacting with Alexa. I interact with Alexa just see what she says.  I told her I was sick today (yes, STILL!!) she said “I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well, try a cup of tea or a nap. I hope you are feeling better soon” She has about a dozen nice things to say when you are sick…. isn’t she so sweet?! So, here are my top 10 things to ask Alexa. Alexa: Do you have any pets? Alexa: Do you have a boyfriend? Alexa: What are you wearing? Alexa: When is the end of the world? Alexa:…

  • Funny house cleaning meme

    Back In The Swing Of Things?

    I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things here on Peanut Butter and Whine. I have to be truthful here if it hadn’t been for Jamie stepping in for me there wouldn’t have been anything the last week. I just didn’t have it in me. I am so thankful she is part of my support group. I for one have taken her up on the Young Living Oils. I need some de-stressing and a happiness blends desperately. I will keep in the loop about how it goes once the oils arrive. For now I’m learning there are a lot of things that I never thought of…

  • It's monday meme

    Happy Sunday Y’all!! I Mean Monday!?

    I hope you are doing exactly what you want today!! So, here I am sitting here getting my Sunday post already when I go the calendar and for the date and realize its actually MONDAY!!!!  I have no SENSE of time yet!!!   Sooooooooo happy Monday instead!!