3 Things That Every Kid Should Do During The Summer!!

There are 3 things that every kid should do during the summer. One has to be play in the water! It can be the beach, backyard or even on the patio and a big pan of water. 3 year old Alice loves the water! Alice takes a longer bath than anyone I’ve ever met!! She would live in the pool if she could! AliceYosemiteShe is blessed to live less than a mile from the beach, if she had her way she’d be on the beach in a tent 24/7!

The second thing I think every kid should do is sleep outside under the stars! I love, LOVE, LOVE our yearly trip to Yosemite. Camping and sleeping outside is one of my the greatest joys!!  Yosemite should be on everyone’s bucket list!  We hike, we watch the sunrise and sunsets. Alice gets filthy! Well, actually all of us get filthy! Cooking over an open campfire, does a s’more ever taste better? NO, it doesn’t!  Yosemite has to be the most relaxing spot in the United States! Well, after that first 2 days of trying to unplug! There is no Internet service in Yosemite!

The third thing every kid should do during the summer is camp! Camp is such a fun way to meet new people!! Explore new things! LEARN new things!!  Challenge yourself.  Years ago my son went to a summer adventure camp in NY and loved it. I think that may have been the highlight of his childhood!  Those are memories that stay with a kid for life!

I just thought of a fourth thing that kids should do. Go to HAWAII!!  My oldest daughter and Granddaughter, along with the other Grandma planned a week long girls only vacation. So, I whined until they invited me! HA!! I didn’t name this blog Peanut Butter and WHINE for no reason! I can whine better than a three year old!!  Less than 30 days I’ll have my toes in the sand, sun on my face and a fruity drink in my hand!!  Making memories with my Daughter and Granddaughter.

Really, kids don’t remember the stuff we give them. They remember the moments!!

If you had to make a list of things for children to do during the summer, what would be on your list??


  • Nancy C

    I love your list, Connie! I agree with all of them! The one thing I would add is do lots of arts and crafts! During the school year, they probably don’t have a lot of opportunities to explore their Artsy side. As a former teacher (I resigned in June to be home with my own little ones), I can tell you that the Core Curriculum is driving instruction. Sadly, the Standards don’t leave a lot of time for the Arts.

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