4 Piece Striped Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheets Review #Mellanni

If you think about the amount of time you sleep or are supposed to sleep in a year that’s one third of your life!! If you average eight hours of sleep a night and you live to be 75 you’ve slept away 25 years! Wait… what? TWENTY FIVE YEARS?!?! Writing it out like that I really do (and will) spend a lot of time in bed! No wonder I’m so far behind!!
Since I’m going to spend YEARS in bed I want to do so in comfort. Soft sheets are a must for me. I was excited to be given the opportunity to review a set of Mellanni sheets.  This is a four piece set of microfiber and soft bed sheets. These sheets feel like a mix between thick cotton and flannel. They are nice.

The color is Gray/Silver stripped and have a very elegant look and feel to them!

The fitted sheet has a nice deep corner pocket that would easily fit a deeper matteress. The top sheet is wide enough to hang off the side of the bed or get tucked in; depending on your preferences. The husband likes his side tucked in nice and tight. Me? I want to be able to throw off the sheets when I’m tossing and turning. (25 years? Seriously? I don’t think so!)
The pillow cases are large enough for our bigger memory foam pillows.

The Mellanni Sheets come in tons of wonderful colors. From a beautiful wine color to a deep chocolate brown and everything in between.

The Mellanni Sheets wash up like a dream, they come out of the dryer as soft and beautiful as the day they arrived. The sheets haven’t faded, no seams are loose. These sheets are also wrinkle resistant, stain resistant as well. Another thing I like is that these sheets are hypoallergenic.


No whines about these bed sheets! The fit is great, they wash like a dream and they are soft!! I’m also pleased with the $35 price tag! My whines; well, those are about my 25 years…. someone owes me some sleep!



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