5 Evil Species of Fly You Don’t (Want To) Know Exist!!

You probably already consider the common house fly a pest; they zoom round and round your face, carry diseases and are generally very annoying.

But what you may not realize is that there are actually over 110,000 species of fly in the world! You may also be surprised to learn that some of these flies are particularly evil; this is why you need to discover the best method of pest control now!

Flies have a short life, just 6 days, but during this time they can spread a huge number of diseases. To prevent this you should look at the different methods of fly control. A visit to vectothor.com will enlighten you and guide you t purchasing the right fly killing machine for your home or business.

The 5 Evil Species of Fly

  1. Lucilia Bufonivora

This species of fly is known for targeting toads and laying their eggs in their nostrils. The fly is similar in appearance to the green bottle fly, which a toad will enjoy snacking on. This allows the bufonivora to land on the fly and lays its eggs.

The unfortunate toad then has to endure its nostrils being eaten from the inside out. The larvae will then consume the eyeballs and its brain; at some point during this the toad will die in agony.

  1. Acroceridae

This species is also known as the small headed fly. But, if you’re a tarantula beware! It is not actually the fly that is the issue but the larvae. It is much more mobile than regular fly larvae. It will locate a tarantula and find a way inside its body; usually through a joint. They will then very slowly eat the spider from the inside out.

What makes this additionally evil is that they can take up to 10 years doing this!

  1. Mosquito

The mosquito has become a pest in many parts of the world simply because it is capable of transmitting a large number of deadly diseases. This is one fly that humans need to be wary of; any bite from a mosquito has the potential to induce a life threatening illness into your body; or it may be harmless.

Perhaps this is the most evil part of their plan; you don’t know if it is diseased or not.

  1. Philornis Downs

This is one brave fly; and truly evil. The flies land in the nest of birds and leave their larvae behind. These larvae will be a delicious breakfast for the birds; except that they bury so deep into the nest that they are never found.

They stay there until nightfall, when the birds are all safely asleep. Then, the tiny maggots will move up into the nest and start to eat the blood of the chicks. Some will even eat the flesh!

As the chicks are so young they will not be able to see properly and will be unable to prevent this vicious and unprovoked attack.

  1. Streblidae

Usually you fear bats; in case they are vampire ones out to suck your blood. But, in the case of this species of fly, it is the bats which fear them.

The fly will cling to the body of the bat, in much the same way that a tick will cling to an animal. It will then suck on the bats blood for as long as it is alive; the bat will find it very difficult to remove the fly.

This is perhaps the least evil of the flies as it doesn’t kill the host; it is just a nice piece of jewelry for them.


  • Krystal herrera

    Oh my gosh, just by reading it I can already feel pain. Lol! Anyways, thank you for sharing this. I was so curious about different kinds of flies because I saw one back in the garden I was not quite sure yet. But, thanks for this informative post.

  • Lauryn R

    This was a very interesting post, thanks for sharing! I didn’t see the horse fly on your list, I have been bitten by one of these and it was SO painful!

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