5 Spare Parts You Should Always Keep In Your Kitchen

5 Spare Parts You Should Always Keep In Your Kitchen

Your fridge goes out in the middle of a dinner party. Your dishwasher breaks under the scornful eye of your mother-in-law. If either of these nightmare scenarios send a chill down your spine, it’s time to take precautions and stop them from ever happening to you. Here are five things to keep in your kitchen to stop accidents and prevent disaster.

1: Water Filters

Water is the single most important component of cooking and cleaning, so if there’s something wrong with your water filter, the problem will be felt by the entire kitchen. Think about the filters both on your taps and in your refrigerator’s ice maker. Make sure you have both kinds at the ready to keep your H2O just as pure and spring-fresh as you like it.

2: Wok Rings

While not strictly necessary, wok rings are responsible for stabilizing the burners on your stove, so trying to do without will only result in a lot of undignified wobbling. They also act as heat traps at the bottom of pans and skillets, so your food will take that much longer to cook. Is it worth the inconvenience of not keeping a spare?

3: Circulation Filters

A stove without a circulation filter is just begging the smoke detector to start shrieking. Even if you aren’t actually burning anything, smoke rises in the air by nature, and without a filter or fan it will head straight to the detectors high on your wall. Circulation filters are really quite cheap, so there’s no excuse not to have a few on standby for emergencies.

4: Bulbs

You can survive without a light in your fridge, but why would you want to? Darkness is a universal signal for an out-of-order appliance. Keep a few spare bulbs in a drawer so you can replace them whenever they flicker into nothingness. As a bonus, you’ll always be able to see what you’re doing on a midnight snack raid.

5: Dishwasher Belts

At least half of dishwasher problems can be blamed on the belt, so before you pay hundred of dollars for an expert to poke at it for two minutes, replace the belt on your own and see if that fixes the issue. You might be surprised at how effectively you can play handyman!

These are just five ways to take responsibility of your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for Electrolux spare parts or any other brand that suits your appliances, it’s important that you’re ready for it all.

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