8″ Ceramic Chef Knife Gift Set w/ Sharpener Review

I truly believe that every cook MUST have a great paring knife and an equally great all around chef knife! It doesn’t matter if you are a full-fledged chef or just enjoy cooking. Nothing makes cooking more enjoyable than the correct tools. A great knife makes your time in the kitchen a lot more efficient and effective! Check out Dalstrong Infinity Blade – Professional 8″ Ceramic Chef Knife . Not only is this a sleek-looking knife. This is a SHARP knife!!

HA! I know you’re waiting for me to tell you that I cut myself with this beauty. But I didn’t!! HA! DH did!! Yup, with absolutely no effort at all DH took a layer of skin off. He didn’t even feel it!! THAT’s a sharp knife!!

The Dalstrong Infinity Blade is crafted in a state of the art facility using the latest technology. We start by applying up to 200 tons of pressure to the highest quality zirconium powder. Next, our unique Cold Isostatic Pressing process creates a blade HARDER, STRONGER, & MORE RESISTANT TO WEAR than our competitors.
Our blades are then placed in a sintering kiln at 1500°C for 4 days delivering superior uniformity & higher density.
Expert craftsmen then hand polish the knives to an edge angle within 11°-13°, & cutting edge of 35°-42°, creating a blade that is 30% sharper than competitors. Finally a strict 10-step quality control procedure ensures a premium product.

We’ve been slicing and dicing vegetables like they were butter! From carrots to chicken; and everything in between, with NO effort!!

Dalstrong Infinity Blade – Professional 8″ Ceramic Chef Knife with it’s ultra-sharp black blade will stay sharp for years. You can chop, mince, slice and dice with zero effort!! 2x SHARPER than steel & near diamond hardness!!

The Dalstrong high-tech ceramic blade is 2 times stronger than STEEL! The Dalstrong Ceramic Knife won’t ever rust and doesn’t hold bacteria!! This ceramic Knife is lightweight and balanced, with a easy-to-grip handle.

The NanoRazor blade is triple polished with diamond wheels for a smooth finish and razor-sharp edge.

The Dalstrong knife arrives with a matching protective sleeve; using it to store your knife will help extend blade life. The PerfectFit sheath is completely BPA free.


The Dalstrong has included the EdgeLast diamond dust ceramic sharpener so you don’t have to send your blade off to professionals and be without for weeks on end.
This knife would make a beautiful housewarming gift!! Or a gift for the chef in your life!


Are you kidding?! This knife is SHARP!! Durable and looks amazing too!! I can chop, dice, peel and mince FAST and get outta the kitchen!! I LOVE THAT!!!! Dalstrong also stands behind their knives with a 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!


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