Butane Torch Lighter Review

Check out this awesome little Butane Torch Lighter. First, the torch and stand arrives nestled in a box lined in silk; making this truly gift giving ready.

The torch itself is an awesome little tool!! First the torch lighter has a windproof jet flame that really does stay lit even in strong wind! This is a great addition to our camping supplies. Yosemite gets windy at times!

This Butane Torch is powerful, the flame itself looks like a big full size torch!! The flame is adjustable and the flame temperature goes up to 1300 degrees C/2372 degrees F. There is a small plastic stand to help you keep the torch easily in reach and upright. There is a trigger ignition at your thumb. There is also an easy to use lock button. I LOVE that feature since we have toddlers in the house a lot. There is a stay-on switch for hands-free use.

The torch has a great textured handle that fits easily in your hand.

This torch has so many great uses around the house and camping! From starting fires to cigar lighting. Soldering to making creme brulee!! Plumbing repairs, light welding, soldering and even jewelry making.

To use as a lighter, twist the plastic cap on the front of the lighter so that the hole in the lighter and the hole in the cap no longer line up. This will open the chamber allowing for a flame that looks and acts more like a lighter. Twist it back and line up the hole lines again and you once again have a torch flame.


When you ignite the torch, you have the option of holding the button down manually, or sliding the “Lock” switch to lock it down. Additionally, if you press and release the ignite button (after ignition) the flame lasts 1-3 seconds longer as it has to clear the butane from the chamber.

This 6″ by 4″ torch holds a lot of butane.


I wish there was an indicator to tell you how much butane was left in the device. Other than that this is a handy little torch and I’m thrilled with it!

For shipping purposes this torch doesn’t arrive with butane in it; so be sure to have some on hand.




  • Christine A.

    Creme brulee was the first thing I thought about when I read this post’s title. It’s one of my favorite desserts but I haven’t tried to make it before because I’ve never had a torch. I like that this butane torch could stay lit in a strong wind and has a lock feature for added safety.

  • Sandy Cain

    Nice, very nice! I’d use it for a cigarette lighter, and yes! For creme brulee. How odd, yet compelling, that it is packaged in silk….sort of like getting a handgun packaged in velvet. It’s pretty classy looking – which probably explains the lack of a butane-viewing window. I think that would kind of cheapen the look. I need this! Thanks for the head’s-up!

  • Nancy C

    I like that you can use this for many uses. I agree that it would be helpful to have an indicator to let you know how much butane is left. But, it still sounds like a good lighter.

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