2015 Kia Sedona SX-L Review

This review is going to be photograph overload. I can’t help it, this van has PERKS!!! The Sedona SX-L is the sweetest mini van ever. EVER!!
Where to start?!!? First, I guess is outside. A beautiful, eye catching van for sure! With 18″ Alloy Wheels with Silver Finish to the all around sleek lines; this is a great looking vehicle.

You know me; I’m more excited about what’s inside!! So many perks inside!! Starting with the fact that this van will seat 7 comfortably!

The second row seating has duo captains chairs that have FOOT RESTS!! You read that right! You can stretch out completely in the second row! Recline all the way back, put your feet up and chill out!!  I wonder if they would let me have the Sedona SX-L back for my Yosemite trip!?! With the double moon roofs I could sleep under the stars in comfort!!!  Seriously, look at how comfy these seats look!!

Now, I’m about to get really excited! Watch out for more !!!! points!! The drivers seat the perks are numerous! The engine is a push button start. Just have the key fob on your person or in your purse; anywhere in the front seat. Absolute bonus you can not lock your key fob in the car! The Sedona will beep if you try! LOVE that feature!  The Senoda’s drivers seat has two memory seat settings. No more having to re-adjust the drivers seat when you have 2 drivers! I LOVE that!! Speaking of adjustments, when you turn the car off the driver seat automatically moves back to allow you to easily exit the car, no knocking your knees on the steering wheel in the Senoda! Another perk I love, love, love is the heated seats, but wait…. they are also COOLED seats!!! Both of the front seats!! The seats are heavenly on a hot day!! They are perfect on a cold morning.

There are two generous sized cup holders in the center console that you can HIDE!! The Kia folks thought of everything to make this a sleek, elegant and comfortable automobile.

USB and auxiliary outlets galore in the Sedona, in middle console. AND yet another charging port on the passenger side and all three rows of seating have ports. BRILLIANT!!  The center console not only is cavernous but it ALSO has both a USB and 12v charging port inside with a cut out on the tray so that you aren’t pinching cords. The padded top of the center console also moves up for more added driver comfort. The storage area is big enough for 2 of my books on CD and MORE!! So much more!!

Another feature that I like is the gas release button is up high. I don’t know why I like that, I just do!

The steering wheel has all the controls I need from Bluetooth, volume controls and cruise control. The drivers door has window locks which is fantastic for driving with curious tots!  Also on the drivers door is the seat memory buttons and set up controls. One thing I’m uncertain about is the drivers side sun-visor has an odd cut out. Any ideas?? Maybe insurance card? Maybe???

The center console roof has everything from controls of the duo sunroof to…. my favorite electric sliding doors on BOTH SIDES!! I love the fact that this van has duo doors!! What an awesome space and time saver!! If a car parks too close to you, just use the other door.

Parking! What a dream this Kia is to park!!  Not only can you see behind you, but with a push of a button you can see OTHER views!! From all the way around to either side! I LOVE this car!!

Back to storage. The car has tons!! From the huge center console to the double glove boxes! One is even temperature controlled!!

Behind the third row of seats in  the Sedona is HUGE deep trunk. Still need more room? The third row of seats lays down flat! I mean REALLY flat!!

Now, all that inside is nothing if the car doesn’t drive well. Not to worry. The 2015 Kia Sedona drives like a dream!! With so many safety features!! Like blind spot detection and my favorite Lane Departure Warning System; start to drift into another lane? The car beeps at you!! Get too close to the car ahead of you? The Sedona has the Forward Collision Warning System!!
The Sedona drives like a dream. Powered by a 276-hp, 3.3-liter V-6 with a six-speed gearbox and riding on a new suspension. The Sedona is FUN to drive!!

5 Star Crash

Kia2015 SEDONA NAMED A 2015 IIHS TOP SAFETY PICKTo qualify for 2015 TOP SAFETY PICK, a vehicle must earn good ratings in the moderate overlap front, side, roof strength and head restraint tests, as well as a good or acceptable rating in the small overlap front test.


There is so much more! Here are a few more bullet points that impress me;

  • Homelink with compass in your rear-view mirror
  • Side mirrors that fold in when you lock your doors
  • Auto-locking doors when you start driving
  • Parking Assist, with Front and Rear sensors
  • UVO! This is a must have for families with new drivers!! UVO not only tracks your mileage over time, monitor your driving efficiency, keep up with your scheduled maintenance and oil changes. UVO will allow you to create speed, curfew, and geo fence alerts with My Car Zone. You get a text or alert when your young drivers go over the speed limit, go out of the area you set up for them. I love this feature!!

Driving in stop and go California traffic I was able to get 21 miles per gallon; which is fantastic for a full size van!!  2015 Kia Sedona SX-L is rated for 18/25/21  City/Highway/Combined so I was quite pleased.

I know I’m forgetting a million other little perks and features of the Sedona so really! GO test drive this car!! You’ll be so glad you did!!

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary week driving the Kia 2015 Sedona SX-L for the purpose of my review. No, they didn’t let me keep it…. they NEVER let me keep these cars?? WHY??? I feel I really need keep this car longer…. maybe a month?? No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way. Now, Kia how about letting me test drive the new 2015 Kia K900?!



  • Carol S.

    Lucky you, bet you had fun driving around in that! I love how it won’t lock if your key fob is in the car, how clever is that!! Real nice vehicle, looks roomy and comfortable.

  • Kortney Picker

    This looks so nice! I love that it doesn’t look like most minivans. I really don’t like minivans, I am more of an SUV/crossover type person, but this one is really nice!

  • Tracy Suzanne

    This was a really good review. You seem to touch on everything and I had no idea how nice the Kia Sedona is! I’ve never even heard of rear captain chairs with foot rest in an automobile. How cool is that! It looks so comfortable. I’d be up for a road trip in that. I’d really like to have those seats in an SUV.

  • Angelica

    That’s not a minivan.. that’s a spaceship! Holy cow, full on recliner seats. Amazing! The space/ storage looks awesome, I’ll definitely file this review away for when we need a new vehicle.

  • Sarah L

    I can’t believe all the bells & whistles that new cars have now. I remember being thrilled when I bought my 2002 Hyundai that it had intermittent wipers.


    Reclining seats – wow! Pity you can’t have them in the front! And the boot space is huge, perfect for a busy family/the dog.

  • Rosie

    Nice! It seems like they thought of everything, and then some! It has all the safety features, bells and whistles, and is attractive!! again – nice!!!

  • Sandy Cain

    That’s too cool, that you were able to drive this fancy car around for a week. It’s a beauty! (not that I know anything about cars, though). Let me know if you want me to put some muscle on the KIA people for the K900. You know me, I can make them an offer they can’t refuse. Woo-hoo!

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