Pentel Pens!! I LOVE These Pens!

Yes, I admit itVicuna; I am a pen junkie. I love pens!! I was thrilled to be given the chance to review 2 different pens and 1 mechanical pencil all from Pentel.
I’ll start with the Vicuna Advanced Ink Ballpoint pens; these are retractable ballpoint pen that features oil-based ink that is extremely low in viscosity. These pens are ultra-smooth writing instruments! The ink really flows on the paper!!
I received the 8 pack of Vicuna Advanced Ink Ballpoint Pens. 8 beautiful, vivid colors!! From pink to black and everything in between. These pens scream WRITE with ME!! The fact that the ink is oil-based ink means they are a joy to write with. The pen itself are semi-transparent. The pen itself is the color of the ink and matches it almost exact! The pen also has a silver swish that just adds to the stylish, streamlined contours. The pen is easy and comfortable to grip for long periods of time without fatigue. The pen writes in a fine line 0.07 mm tip. The Vicuna Pen contains recycled plastic.


Next up the exquisitely designed EnerGel Alloy RT Retractable Gel Pen. I LOVE this pen!! I love everything about this pen!! The aluminum alloy barrel in a beautiful ocean blue with silver accent makes a real statement for sure!! The high-performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience. This pen is 0.7 mm point which is a medium line. The ink color is black. This is an absolutely beautiful pen!! Available in beautiful colors too! From gold to silver. All with black ink.


Last but not least, the Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil. This is a great pencil with a sturdy, well-balanced barrel. This pencil has been perfect for 3-year-old Alice’s writing lessons. This pencil is easy to hold.  The protective tip design stabilizes lead to reduce lead breakage. Even Alice can write easily with this pencil with very little lead breakage. The latex-free grip delivers maximum comfort and control.

MORE to love about this pencil is the Twist-Up Eraser. Twist this eraser up as far as you desire. The pencils are pre-loaded with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead. This lead produces a nice dark line that scans on standardized tests. It’s truly the only pencil that shows up in Alice’s workbooks.  The Pentel Twist-Erase Pencils is refillable with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer Lead and E10 jumbo refill eraser.  An extra jumbo refill eraser is enclosed in the package. I love that! No one ever thinks to give us an extra eraser!!


Not a single one! These are awesome writing instruments!! I am thoroughly impressed!!  I love Shoplet. It’s a one stop shop for all your office supplies!! Everything from promotional products, promotional shirts, office stationery!!


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