Solar Phone Charger Review

Our Yosemite camping trip is just a short 4 weeks away! Y’all know I have a hard time, a VERY hard time giving up my electronics for the whole week. But, since there isn’t anywhere to plug-in and recharge everything I end out going cold turkey after a couple of days. HA! This year no cold turkey! I’ll be able to read my book and check my email everyday!! SWEET!!

Check out the Solar Phone Charger Blue-Best Outdoor Accessory for Charging Batteries without a Battery! from Platinum Products!

This Solar Phone Charger works with MOST cellphones but not all. It does work with my daughters iPhone. It works with my Kindle. It doesn’t work with the Samsung Galaxy S4. I’ve heard it does work with the Samsung Galaxy S3. I did try it with my iPad Air 2 and it doesn’t work.

HOWEVER!! Here is my work around!! The Solar Phone Charger will charge any device using a USB charge cord with 5v or less input such as my battery power banks!! HA!! I WILL be able to use my phone the entire 8 day trip!! I can also charge my camera battery too!!

This is a great Solar Phone Charger Blue-Best Outdoor Accessory for Charging Batteries without a Battery!! It’s light weight; weighing in at 7 ounces!! It’s 11″ by 7½” by ½”. The charger comes in great colors too! A vibrant blue, a beautiful green and camouflage.

This charger is shock proof, drop proof and charges in 100% full sun. The charger has 2 grommets in the top corners so it’s easy to hang on my backpack. I’ll charge while I hike!! How brilliant is that?!?!

The Platinum Products Solar Phone Charger works with smart devices with an input of DC 5V. GoPro Camera! PSP, Bluetooth speakers & headphones, Google Glass, and MP3 / MP4 players and will even charge RC Cars and Drone batteries.

You can’t hurt this charger! It’s very rugged so it’s perfect for hiking or a day at the beach.

The Solar Phone Charger doesn’t come with any cords; however I seem to have an over abundance of cords, so that’s not an issue for me. This charger couldn’t be easier to use, simply place the panel in direct sunlight with the darker side toward the sun. It looks just like a solar panel so that’s kind of a no brainer. The Solar Charger is easy to plug a device into as long as it has a USB style plug. I can fully charge my battery power banks in as little as 3 hours. FULLY!!


Platinum Products offers a full 60 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee!


I’m heading to Yosemite and I don’t have to give up my electronics! What can I whine about?!?! Great colors. Sturdy and works using just the power of the sun!! What could I possible whine about?!

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    And I wholeheartedly second Sarah L’s comments! Go away and leave us alone woman! Seriously though, I’m wondering if something similar is available in Ireland? If we get a power cut, i.e. several times EVERY winter, we have no heat, light, water (as we have our own well) or landline, The pub in the village has their own generator so everyone goes there to charge their mobile phones, typical country life!

  • Sarah L

    I still think you should go the week WITHOUT electronics. The world will not come to an end if you don’t check your email. Looks like a handy device for you.

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