A 101 on Picking the Right Flower Girl Dress

If you are about to get married and caught up in wedding preps, your nervousness and excitement are totally understandable. The uncertainty and excitement that the new beginning brings along with the stress of pulling off the best possible wedding event generally gets brides too worked up. While you have been making calls to event planners and bridal salons to get things sorted, you also need to pay attention to the little girl that you have chosen to usher you down the aisle. Flower girls are the cutest thing about the wedding. If there is anyone at a wedding event who enjoys all the attention other than the bride, it is these little bubs dressed like a Disney princess.

Despite the fact that you are not financially responsible to dress up the flower girl, your insights and involvement are important since they are an integral part of the wedding theme. However, dressing little kids is not the same as adults which is why brides often get clueless about the whole affair. Here is a quick guide to help you decide the perfect dress for the little doll.

Style and Color

The very first step in selecting the outfit for your flower girl is to decide on the color and style. Once that area gets sorted, the rest becomes quite easy. Ask yourself, how you visualize your flower girl at the wedding. If you want her to be dressed up as a mini version of yourself, which is usually the popular way, look for white flower girl dresses or ivory dresses depending on the tone of your own dress. Another alternative is to go for the color theme of bridesmaid’s dress or the overall wedding theme. Whatever you choose, make sure it blends well with the aesthetics of your wedding.

When it comes to choosing a style, flower girl dresses are easily available in many different styles. However, choose something that is age appropriate and the child can carry it comfortably. Avoid picking up something that has a very long tail since kids are not used to carrying such dresses.

The Fit

Although gowns and party dresses are all about getting the right fit, you need not fret over it when it comes to kids. Of course, it does not mean that they will wear something too oversized or too fitted, but a few inches going here and there is usually not a problem. Kids are super cute and will still look cute nevertheless.

The Weather

If you are planning a beach or a destination wedding, weather conditions should also be factored in. Some places are too chilly for kids while some can be very hot and humid. Likewise, beaches are sandy and wet. Make sure the girl gets a dress that is weather appropriate and comfortable to wear. It should neither overheat her nor should be too light to protect from cold weather as it put kids into distress.


Although you do not have to pay for the flower girl dress, be mindful of the affordability of her parents. Do not choose anything that is beyond their purchasing power. Even parents with decent affordability often do not want to dress too much on these dresses since they are worn once for a few hours only and kids outgrow their clothes pretty quick

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