Natural sleep Aid Review AND Giveaway

If you’ve been around Peanut Butter and Whine awhile you know that I whine about my sleep patterns. I whine A LOT!! I know that some is age. Some is my weight. Some is stress. What ever the reason; I lay down and my eyes pop open and I’m awake. I toss and turn and eventually just give up and get out of bed. Then I come whine on here! Lucky YOU!!

I was thrilled to be offered a chance to review an All Natural Sleep Aid from Govivo.

I waited for a weekend night to try my Govivo Sleep Aid, just in case I was groggy the next day. I watch my 3 year old Granddaughter Alice during the week, the last thing that kid will tolerate is a tired NaNa.

I took one Govivo Naturally Fall Asleep about an hour before I was ready to head to bed, within 30 minutes I was relaxed enough to go to bed. I was asleep in minutes. ASLEEP ALL NIGHT LONG!! ALL NIGHT!!  If you suffer from insomnia you know exactly how exciting that is.

This is an all natural herbal sleep aid.  The Govivo Sleep aid is non habit forming! Made with premium quality ingredients,  no preservatives, zero binders and zero artificial ingredients.

Now, the most exciting part!! Absolutely NO DROWSINESS IN THE MORNING!! NONE!! Not even a little bit!!  I wake up ready to conquer my day and more importantly keep up with Alice! I’m not groggy or fuzzy headed. I am alert and awake!


This is truly a no risk sleep aid!! If these don’t work for you Govivo offers a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!  Completely worry-free return policy. If you don’t feel more relaxed before bedtime and wake up refreshed after the first 30 days of use we will issue you a full refund and you can keep the other 30 capsules.

Perfect for travel!!!  You’ll be able to beat jet lag!!

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What can I possibly whine about? I sleep all night! I wake up completely refreshed the next day!! Two very enthusastic thumbs WAY, WAY, WAY UP!!!



One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will be able to try a bottle of their own!!  Good Luck!!



  • sue J.

    I DO have trouble sleeping SOME times, and when I do it’s very annoying – keep looking at the clock knowing when I have to get up!

  • Laurie Emerson

    I almost always have trouble sleeping at night. I am so tired but the minute my head hits the pillow I am wide awake.

  • Maryann D.

    I do have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. I learned from the site that they offer a 100% MONEY BACK GURANTEE: They will add their Govivo Guarantee to the Amazon Guarantee and Worry-Free Return Policy.
    I would love to try this product.

  • cheryl lister

    I examined their reflective vest product. This would be great for my husband, who frequently rides his bike at night with a couple of friends.

  • Brandi Dawn

    I learned that it is non habit forming which is great because most products are. Even melatonin! I do have trouble sleeping…I have tried many different things in the past and always switch it up so that I do not develop any bad habits, lol.

  • Ashley Trail

    Yes, but not all of the time do I have issues with getting to sleep. My work schedule varies day and night and my mood and stress levels also factor into how easily I fall asleep and how long I stay asleep.

  • cheryl lister

    I have a tremendous amount of trouble sleeping! I have to just make myself get up early – 5 am – every morning to have a chance at sleeping that night. I like the running belts over at Govivo.

  • MaryJo Tsitouris

    I have always had trouble getting a good nights sleep. The thing I like best about this product is that it is all natural and there is no lingering drowsiness in the morning.

  • Nancy Loring

    I have trouble going to sleep at a descent time. I have 2 jobs. I have to be up for work by 4 am to start work at 5 am. I am a breakfast qaitress. Then my other job I start at 4pm and I don’t get out until 9pm. I am tired while I am at my night job but when I get home I am wide awake. I need to go to sleep by 10pm so that I can get up for 4am. I like that these don’t make you drowsey when you wake up because I have to be alert and attentive to customers.

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