LogicLux Car Trash Bag Review & 60% OFF Coupon!!

They say one person’s trash is another’s treasure… I am 100% sure that is NOT the case in my CAR!! I swear, you would think I was the mommy and not the NaNa with the over abundance of toys, books, stuffed animals and empty juice boxes in my car!! Seriously, my car looks like we live in it!!

So, when do I get all the trash out? When I pump gas. My Honda CRV fills up faster than I finish pulling trash out. It’s embarrassing. It’s GROSS!!

Wait till you see my Logiclux Car Garbage Trash Can. Super easy to install. Just adjust the strap around the headrest of your car. Since Alice is 3 and well, curious, I have my LogixLux facing front in the passenger seat. I have to admit I LOVE it facing front!!! It’s so VERY EASY use that way!! Receipt from MickyD’s bamb…. in the trash… wrappers…. in the trash…. empty juice box? No worries!! NOT so empty? I have to admit my heart about leaped out of my chest when Alice poured her juice box into my LogixLux because my iPad was sitting directly underneath. This NaNa can MOVE fast when properly motivated, but, I didn’t have to worry. NOT a single drop leaked out.


It’s HUGE!! It holds A LOT!! A lot of trash!! AND a LOT of liquid too! With no leaks at all!!
One of my other favorite features of the LogixLux is the sides have net so I put our recyclable bottles in there so I don’t even have to separate the trash!!

Cleaning the Logic Lux Car Litter Bag is super easy too. I put hot soapy water inside, swish around with a wash cloth. Dry it and put it back in my car. PERFECTION!!


The folks over at LogixLux offer a no questions asked “replacement” guarantee.


I am THRILLED to share with you a coupon for 60% OFF!!!! Add TBAG60PO at check out. You read that right!! You’ll score 60% off!


Not a single solitary one!! The LogixLux holds A LOT of trash, it’s waterproof, it’s easy to clean!! My car is slowly looking like a car again and not a frat house!!


I’m making this a 2015 Valentine Pick because it would be perfect for anyone that drives kids around!!
Valentines Day Pick 2015


  • Christine A

    This is a product I’d be really interested in getting. I collect trash in a plastic bag that I fit over a rectangular basket. I like how the LogicLux bag can be secured behind a seat and I wouldn’t need to use plastic bags.

  • Connie

    A few years ago, I got a trash container specifically made for a car. It was ridiculous! I didn’t realize how small it was when I bought it because it was in the collapsed position. On top of that, it was mesh…sheesh! This Logiclux is exactly what I needed back than and now…roomy, leakproof and large.

  • Sarah L

    Just last night I was waiting in my car for a friend and was cleaning up a bit. I realized I didn’t have a trash bag and sort of piled the trash in the ashtray and the back seat. This looks like such a great bag that I went over to Amazon and ordered one.

  • Kellie Harrison

    My family takes a lot of road trips, so this looks like a great product! Our trash always ends up everywhere, especially on the floor


    What a great idea – particularly like the fact that it doesn’t leak! When my niece was little my car used to be a bit of a mess (& her Mum’s still is – yes, H. YOUR car is a mess). I once found a litttle apple tree growing behind the driver’s seat! Transferred to a yoghurt pot & then the garden it eventually produced fruit!

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