#Cube For Instagram Review

Valentines Day Pick 2015

If you spend 3 seconds on my blog you know LOVE taking photos!! I love looking through photo’s and I am more than just slightly addicted to Instagram!

Check it OUT!!! This is the #Cube!  As in HashTag Cube.

So, what is the #Cube™?  Well, it’s a fun little 8″ square, retro looking cube has an LCD touch screen display.  The #Cube™ shows REAL-TIME, instant and continuous delivery of Instagram photos and video clips. Absolutely perfect for sharing real-time images from friends and family.  Anyone you follow on Instagram, bloggers, authors, celebrities. Whoever you want to follow their photo’s will pop up on your #Cube™!! INSTANTLY!!!

The #Cube™ has three buttons on the top, the first button is round. Press and hold to turn the #Cube™ on. Choose from the list of available connections. The first time you connect your #Cube make sure to do an update.  Once your #Cube™ is set up you can choose what to see. What’s popular on Instagram or the photo’s and videos that you subscribe to. The #Cube™ can be used wirelessly or leave plugged in.

Once you have set up your #Cube™ that’s it.  The photos and videos start streaming in straight from Instagram! IN REAL TIME!!  The #Cube™ stands on it’s own and requires no attention! Put your phone down and see Instagram Photos really pop! The #Cube™ has an LCD touch screen.  You can pinch for a 4×4 image tile view or swipe to view the back of the photo to learn about the photo. The #Cube™ is rechargeable too!!

I really think this would make a great Valentine Gift for Grandma and Grandpa! Set up an account just for them. They can see kids pictures INSTANTLY!!

Decide you really like a photo? Hit the heart button on the top of the #Cube™ to save.  You can also follow people, search hash tags, and more. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this little gadget!


There are a couple of things that need help. Connecting with a WPA connection is easy. There is a bug that keeps it from working with a WEP connection. It’s also a little confusing to search for Hashtags.

Available in three colors. White, black or classic.


Follow HashTag Cube on Facebook, Twitter and most importantly Instagram



    Aha! So this is The Cube that they’re all talking about in blogs. I have to say that personally I really don’t ‘get’ Instagram, just don’t see the point.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve been seeing the #Cube lately, but I had no idea what it was! Thanks for clearing that up. It is a cute little thing!

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