LAVO’s Deep Cleansing Oil Review

Just when I thought I had tried every kind of facial cleanser out there, I find something new. LAVO’s Deep Cleansing Oil had me intrigued from the beginning. An OIL? to clean my face?!? Seriously!?!? Won’t this make my face greasy? Oily? Will it be messy?! Will it rinse off?! I had so many questions!

As soon as my LAVO’s Deep Cleansing Oil arrived I immediately went in to the bathroom and tried my new cleanser.

I put LAVO Deep Cleansing Oil on a cotton pad, then I gently wiped the cotton pad all over my face and neck. Then I massaged my face with wet fingertips; my make up just melted away. When I wear waterproof mascara I rub an extra drop directly on the lashes and wait for a few seconds, then I rinse my face with water. LAVO Deep Cleansing Oil emulsifies and turns a milky white when you add water. The oil totally and completely dissolves and rinses away. Leaving my skin feeling so soft!! SO VERY SOFT!!! My skin is so clean too!! Without being oily or greasy; I promise there is absolutely no oil left behind! No film, nothing! Just super soft skin!! Oh, and so very smooth too.

LAVOLAVO’s works perfectly to remove all of my makeup, even water-proof mascara!  I can’t get over how soft and moisturized my skin feels.

The LAVO Deep Cleansing Oil is yellow colored and has a nice subtle scent.

LAVO’s Deep Cleansing Oil contains more Pure Organic Oils than other brands.
– Organic Chamomile Oil
– Organic Safflower Oil
– Organic Lavender Oil
– Organic Avocado Oil
– Organic Rosemary Oil

LAVO’s Deep Cleansing Oil is strong enough to clean away foundation, sunscreen, waterproof mascara. Strong cleaning with no stinging, burning and absolutely no scrubbing!!

LAVO’s is safe and effective for all skin types; INCLUDING oily skin.

LAVO’s Deep Cleansing Oil is made in the USA.




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