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Gurin Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straighten Review

I am thoroughly impressed with my new Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener. The Gurin heats up quickly and is adjustable from 240° all the way to 450°. The Gurin Flat Iron has ceramic/tourmaline plates that are 1¼” which is perfection for my hair.

My hair hangs just an inch past my shoulder.  When I use my Gurin Flat Iron I have silky shiny hair!! I use the flat iron to curl my hair. I can curl my hair quickly too! The size is perfect for hair; even my bangs. If you want to straighten your hair the Gurin will do a great job there too! Instantly transform your hair to silky smooth, shiny and touchable hair in just minutes! The unique ergonomic design features a swivel cord for easy hair curling, a soft grip ensures that you can comfortably hold the flat iron until your perfect look is achieved. Ceramic plates heat up evenly and within seconds. I only have to glide the Gurin through my hair one time to get the curl I want.

Since the Gurin has ceramic/tourmaline plates and adjustable heat temperature, I’m able to get the hairstyle I WANT in less time than using my curling iron.  This curling iron is great for all hair types, my daughter has very long, thick, wavy hair and it works perfectly for her as well as my short, stick straight hair.

I had to get creative with the cropping of these photo’s! For some reason my face came out very yellow! I didn’t want you to think I was deathly ill!! Gesh!! No morning hair here…. but definitely morning face!!


If you aren’t 100% satisfied Gurin offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee! You can’t beat that! Even more to love is the bright red carrying case; it’s a very nice touch. It’s also a lined pouch; which great when I’m packing. My flat iron is always the last thing packed and it’s still a little to warm to pack on it’s own. In the lined pouch I don’t have to worry.


My only whine is where the on and off switch is. It’s inside along with the temperature control. It’s not a big deal, except I’m kind of a klutz and I’m just waiting for my first finger burn when I’m in a hurry to turn off the iron. Over all I love this flat iron! The flat iron heats up quickly and I control the temperature! It’s compact in size. I love this curling iron!!




  • Rosie

    Wow – this sounds great! My hair is finally growing, ie I’ve managed to not cut it waiting out the in between stages. It is just getting long enough that I need a product like this – it sounds perfect!!! I need both flat iron and curling iron. for me it goes back to the days when I had my mom iron my hair!!!

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