Soundpeats Qy7 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

My son Zac is a sound master! Need a sound system? Car? House? RV?? Zac’s your guy!  He’s been wanting a set of headphones to use while he works. I was given the opportunity to review SoundPEATS QY7 Bluetooth Headphones.  Here is Zac’s review:

Recently I was able to review the SoundPEATS QY7 Bluetooth Earbuds headphones. Before I get into the review I should point out these headphones would have not typically been on my short list for new headphones. I typically prefer over the ear style headphones and almost never look into bluetooth audio products because of the perceived loss of audio quality that happens in the streaming process. These little in the ear headphones have certainly changed my mind.  Upon opening the box I was impressed with the amount of included accessories. SoundPEATS QY7 comes with 3 different size sets of ear canal adapters, 3 different sets of pull straps, charging cord and a low profile clip to keep the cord in place.

The headphones are connected by a soft flat cable. One side has the power button, volume up/down. The other side has the mini usb charge port. Powering up and pairing.
Pushing the power button for about 3 seconds turns the headphones on, with a verbal confirmation. Pairing is a breeze, I just simply found the device on my
phone in the bluetooth menu and hit enter. That easy.


I used my iPhone for testing the QY7 headphones. I was very happy to see that along the top of my phone, in between the time and battery life indicator, the QY7 displayed the Bluetooth logo and its own battery life meter. A very nice and handy bonus.

The music on my phone was downloaded as lossless files, the highest quality I could get with iTunes. The files take up much more space than mp3’s do but I can certainly tell the difference.

So, with a few of my “go to” favorites I began to listen. First up, as always, I began with George Dukes “Dukey Treats”. Right off the bat the low end bass was very solid, hitting way lower than I expected. At times almost distracting. I reduced the bass level just a touch.

I was very impressed with the overall sound quality of these athletic type earbuds. The high side of the treble was lacking and didn’t have much “air” on the cymbals, which was much more prevalent on my other test songs.

Next was Queens “Another One Bites The Dust” Again, missing some of the top end, traded off for very powerful low end bass. At this point I was having so much fun listening to the headphones I found myself scanning just about every song on my phone and enjoyed just about all of them.

Then I switched to what my main use for these headphones would be, Pandora One.
I had to hear these things on bassy hip hop tracks! I started with some of my favorites in the hip hop genre. Most of the song names are even too inappropriate to write on my moms blog lol. Artists ranging from B.O.B’s “headband”, IamSue & Problem, E40, 2chains etc. should give you an idea of the Bay Area or Southern rap styles and beats I favor. (Mom, don’t google any of that)

Can I ground a 34 year old kid??

Now hip hop is often produced with an over emphasis on the treble and bass, typically I can deal with the extra bass but the screaming highs, not so much. This is where I believe these headphones shined! As stated earlier the highs are a bit lacking, but with the extra emphasized treble in the recording, I found it darn near perfect! I actually preferred to listen to rap with these, AND preferred listening to rap on these than rap on my car stereo, which says a lot if you’ve seen my car stereo!

The lows were nice and smooth, dug extremely low, highs were just right, and the vocal range was spot on.


I used these Bluetooth Earbuds headphones at work in a car stereo shop. The rubber ear tips were very comfortable, stayed in place very well and without any music playing at all, isolated my ears from a noisy shop very well! The range was fantastic too! My toolbox is located in one corner of the shop and I would leave my phone on top of it, I could easily go anywhere in the shop with no loss of signal. Not a small shop either, roughly 75′ x 100′. It was only when I ventured to the parking lot on a “how far will they go” mission, that they cut out. And that was rather impressive considering it had to go through 2 brick walls and an office!

I would certainly recommend these to a friend, I think they are a great value at the price point. They are easy to use, comfortable, sound great, have great range. The cord rubbing on my shirt was audible at times so I’m not sure I would recommend them for working out, but I certainly wasn’t going to start exercising to test that lol. Maybe the little clip would help that. If you enjoy extra bass or listen to hip hop often, these should be a great set to tryout.




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