Agilely Tens Machine For Pain

If you’ve been around Peanut Butter and Whine for a while, you have no doubt heard me WHINE about the pain in my hands. It’s getting worse day by day. I’ve tried a lot of different ideas. I’ve tried SO many different things. Starting with carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. Which by the way only angered the nerves and made everything SO VERY MUCH WORSE!

My hand

Now I’m fighting with my insurance company over a steroid epidural shot in my neck. So, while I wait for that! (You can insert some colorful language here. I did!) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

I’ve tried all the different supplements, turmeric, turmeric with ginger. Ginger, heat, ice, Aleve, Advil, Tylenol (look at me name-dropping all over the place!) Glucosamine, Osteo Bi-Flex, fish oil, omega 3, Chondroitin, vitamins, no breads, no starches, no alcohol. I bought the Inverter Machine (hanging upside down for 5 minutes a day doesn’t help).

Something I hadn’t tried is a TENS machine that is known to relieve the pain of nerve damage especially in the hands and feet. SO, LETS DO THIS!!

First, what’s in the box?

Agilely TENS machine

Second, what is a TENS machine?

A TENS machine is a small, portable and battery-operated device. This little device has wires attached to it which then is attached by wires to sticky pads stuck to the skin.

Now, it has taken me some trial and error to find the perfect place to attach the sticky pads for the most benefit. There are small electrical pulses are transmitted to the body, like little electric shocks.

  • Transcutaneous – means through the skin.
  • Electrical – TENS machines deliver small electrical pulses to the body via electrodes placed on the skin. TENS machines are thought to affect the way pain signals are sent to the brain.
  • Nerve – pain signals reach the brain via nerves and the spinal cord.
  • Stimulation – if pain signals can be blocked by the tiny electrical shocks from the TENS machine then the brain will receive fewer signals from the source of the pain.

When the machine is set on a low pulse rate (2-5 Hz) it stimulates the body to make its own pain-easing chemicals called endorphins. These act a bit like morphine to block pain signals.

I usually use my new Agilely TENS machine for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 in the afternoon. The TENS device starts out at a low frequency and gradually increases. Of course, being ME… I had to see what the top pulse rate felt like. I do not recommend that. It’s a double over, and scream ‘turn it off’ ‘turn it off’ electrical pulse. Yeah, trust me. Just don’t. At least not on day one. 

There are 24 pre-programmed massage modes. From hammering, kneading, finger pressing and more. Great for neck, arm, shoulder, ankle, wrist, elbow and more. Great for everything from arthritis to sports injury to whatever it is that’s causing my hands to hurt so much.

One charge is good for 20 hours! YES, you read that correctly. TWENTY hours.

I love that it’s small. No bigger than the palm of my hand. There are eight different size pads to use from small to large. There are two long cords so you can easily use this device for two different areas or both hands!! HELLO! Thank you!!

I have to add that it’s so much fun to watch my hands with this device on, my hand flips up and down during the treatment. My thumb dances around. It looks like my hands have turrets. I like to play with the different modes and intensity.

While the pain in my hands is not gone. I’m hoping that with long term use I can at least continue to see some relief in my hands.

Common uses

TENS machines are most commonly used for people with musculoskeletal pain, such as back pain, knee pain and it’s even used for migraines.

  • This is a portable device. I can easily move around the house with this tucked into my pocket.
  • Make sure the skin where the pads are applied is clean and dry and there are no cuts, grazes or areas of skin irritation.
  • Place the pads either side of the pain.
  • The pads are sticky and I found them to stay put easily.
  • Set the pulse rate to the low setting. Especially when you are first starting out. The device will increase intensity for you.
  • Switch on the device and you will start to feel a tingling sensation. The sensation needs to be quite strong but not uncomfortable. After a few minutes the sensation will start to drop away slightly. That’s called accommodation. Do not turn it up too high you don’t want to over-stimulate your muscles and make the pain worse.

When you are done, disconnect your cords (electrodes) from the machine and place the pads on the handy little plastic tray that comes with the Agilely TENS machine, this way the pads remain sticky and ready to use next time. 


Seriously?? ANYTHING that relieves the pain in my hands is pure gold to me.



  • Michael Coovert

    I am disabled due to a back injury so I have a lot of chronic back and leg pain. I use a tens machine for my pain. I don’t know what I would do without it.

  • heather

    I keep hearing more and more about these machines. This post was super informative I will consider one of these thanks for the information.

  • gloria patterson

    I have never heard of this before, but it does sound interesting. I get the shots in my thumb or wrist ever 3 months. So far they get the worse of the pain away.

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