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Oh my gosh, last month was NUTS!! So many things. We are going to call this post a brain dump. (ROFLMAO!!!!!! Oh my gosh when I first started typing this, I typed brain dumb. That kinda works too! So, either one OR BOTH!)

I’m starting this post with a Whine. My upper body, especially my hands  continue to hurt so much! It’s really limiting what I can do. Crafting,  knitting, writing, exercising, all can be done for short bursts of time. I can’t raise my arms without a white flash of pain. IF I get on the floor getting up is painful. I can however use this handy (I mean footy) little  exercise device! I have to stop with my brain dump for just a moment to tell you about the Cubii JR2+, an under the desk elliptical, low impact, pedal exerciser, with bluetooth fitness tracker, adjustable resistance. It’s portable too!

As much as I can relate to this meme, when your entire upper body hurts, exercise is the last thing I want to do. This little elliptical is so amazing. From shipping which was super-fast. Packing was perfect. Instructions to assemble the Cubii were super easy. (Let’s do another side note right here). As I was unpacking my Cubii I was ooohhh and ahhhhhh’d over the packaging. The crafter in me said I’m gonna use this for something. (I don’t know what I will make but I will do something, you just watch)
20 minutes after carrying the box to my craft room, I was peddling away on my desk exercise equipment. 4 screws and the foot pedals are in place. (using my fancy new RED screw driver, which was included) The Cubii was fully assembled.
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While the Cubii was charging I  downloaded the app, and linked my Fitbit.
With a fully charged Cubii, and the  app open on my phone, I clicked on one of the many INSTRUCTIONAL videos and followed along!! It’s easy to follow along and I work up a sweat! Even without doing the upper body workout!! I will be able to do the upper body part of the workout soon I hope. Once we get my neck, arms, elbows and especially hands fixed.
Speaking of which, I made another visit to my doctor about my hands, he sent me to a pain management clinic. That doctor believes that a steroid epidural will help. He submitted an authorization to my insurance. THOSE #^’ @:%=/÷=$# denied the procedure because there isn’t enough documentation that other avenues have not been successful. So, my first thought was how MUCH does this procedure COST?!!!???
Denial in hand, I made another appointment with the pain clinic doctor armed with a very long list of things I have tried. All the medications, vitamins, supplements, and hocus pocus things I’ve tried. SINCE 2020!! Including carpal tunnel surgery which only angered my symptoms. I went to my appointment armed to the hilt. Doc wrote everything down and submitted the appeal to the insurance company. Now we wait AGAIN!!
Next The Husband. He is using a cane, wheelchair, or walker 24/7.  We decided to add a lift to our home.  It’s called a Stiltz. It’s pretty snazzy. We originally had the rep come out to give us a quote on a stair lift. However, the way the stairs are built. They are way too narrow for a stair lift. Then the whole BIG landing thing would mean The Husband would have to get out of the first chair walk 5 steps to the second stair lift and continue up. Yeah, that’s NUTS. NO thank you. However, that same company also does the Stiltz lift. They are less costly than an elevator. We’ve decided to go ahead and install it before The Husband falls down the stairs and breaks his neck. Seriously, watching him walk up the stairs is scary.
The Stiltz just requires the guys to cut holes through the floors and it will go all 3 levels. Which if we ever sell will also up the value of our home. The trouble with the Stiltz is in the craft room I have everything PERFECTLY laid out. Where the Stitlz has to go requires moving things. LOT’s of things. Originally thought The Husband really doesn’t need to be down in the craft room. However, resale value, AND the fact that I wouldn’t have to carry laundry up and down 3 flights of stairs would be AMAZING!!! So, three stops it is.
I will be sure to post pictures of the Stiltz progress.
Brain dump done for now. Time to rest my hands and tuck my Cubii back under my desk.



  • gloria patterson

    ” IF I get on the floor getting up is painful. ” I would hope you have better sense then to get down on the floor……………… for me it has been at least 15+ years since I have been on the floor.

    I hope today people don’t build new homes of 2 or 3 floors and the washer & dryer in the basement. 30+ yrs ago my brother & sister law built there home basement and upper floow with of course washer and dryer in the basement. My brother has a heck of time getting up the steps and down. Sister in law broke her ankle 8 months ago. She would go up and down the steps on her butt. She wants the stair lift, steps go striagh up. Brother wants the elevator! So they are not doing anything at this point.

    This Stiltz lift really sounds good. Just a off the wall question. With the size of your home is there some place on the 3rd floor that you could make in to a laundry room. I would bet that 80+ percent of laundry is used on the 3rd floor. This Cubii sounds really nice. I have a old floor bike that I should be using but it just sits under a wooden chair. It is a bitch getting old the aches and pain that we have the joy of. Not to mention the insurance company joy of!

    My hand does not sound as bad as yours but I have noticed that at night it just has a deep ache. So I started using a HOT HANDS, I place it in a small pillow and lay it beside me and place my hand on it. Its just enough heat to make my hand feel better and during night I move my hand so all of my hand gets the heat.

    So you are just doing a wait and see on many things!!

  • heather

    I am still not clear on what a Stilz lift is can’t picture it in my head so am going to have to google that one. I hope it helps.

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