AHHHHHHHH HAAAAAAA!! Found The Pictures!

Hello Little Peanuts, In the $50 Giveaway there is an option to share pictures. I did a test, it never showed up. I decided to write to RafflePress and ask “Ummmm hey! Where’s the pictures??”

APPARENTLY!!!!!!!!!!! the pictures go to the RafflePress widget. Weird! Why wouldn’t these go to the comment section?? So? What is the point of this entry??

My question. Will this option do? I could post once a week the newest pictures. Would you like me to add who sent which photo?  Another big question. Should I keep this entry in next month’s giveaway?

So, here are the pictures so far.  These are AWESOME!

I’m not going to add names. Claim the pictures if you would like too. It was a almost unanimous that no one wants their names added.




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