All about Mority….

It’s been established that I have a few screws loose.  I, at times, may have a slightly odd sense of humor…. so with that in mind I guess it’s time for me to introduce you to Mority.  (The reason I’m coming clean about Mority is ONLY because the events that have taken place since Christmas are even funnier…. otherwise I would never introduce you to Mority.. I don’t need anyone else knowing I’m insane!!) 

Halloween is my favorite holiday!  I love decorating, I love the dressing up, I love the trick or treaters, I love it ALL!!!  5 years ago last October DH bought me a surprise while I was at work.  I came home to a “Candy Butler”  He stands 3 and half feet tall.  He can be set to motion activated so his eyes light up and  he talks. HE IS AWESOME!!!  I named him Mority.  I had so much fun with Mority that after Halloween I told DH I didn’t want to put him away to which DH responded “Well, what are you going to do? Stick a turkey on his head and call him a turkey butler?”
That was the start of …… well…. everything Mority!  Lets start with Mority can wear a size 2T to a size 4T in toddler clothing.  (DO NOT ROLL YOUR eyes at ME!!)

(Mority even has his own Facebook page.  Mority Nuyar if you’d like to be his friend.)

That is …… if he is rescued in time!! 

See on Christmas Day Mority disappeared.  When Mority wasn’t standing guard in the diningroom as usual I sent text messages to my children who immediately sent back they didn’t know what I was talking about…..

HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!  I did receive an email today……….

We got your Morty and if you ever want to see him again you will pay us $2.35 or he gets it!
Dont bother going to the police, he is a doll and they will laugh at you
Here is a pic so you know we mean business
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Yup yup….. nuts do not fall far from the tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Lael

    ROFLMAO!!! I was up all night last night with sick kids…I wouldn’t expect many things to seem funny to me this morning! But this is hilarious! I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying! 🙂

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