ALON HD WIFI Hidden Camera In A Mini USB Charger!!!

WOW! This hidden camera works great even at night. The camera is hidden in a real working USB charger. There is no way that anyone would believe this was a hidden camera.

Set up couldn’t be easier, however if you do get stuck there is a step-by-step YouTube Video that will have you up and running in about 30 seconds!

I already have a camera that uses the iMiniCam app so my connections was wicked fast.

I plugged in the USB charger camera in several different areas. I plugged in the family-room, but it is too low to the floor. I also plugged it in the island in the kitchen. Again, not the best place. Then I plugged into the wall near the fish-tank where I think I may leave it. It shows the dining-room, hall to the livingroom and you have to pass the camera if you head down the hall to the bedrooms or restrooms. If someone were to break in the front door I have a perfect picture making this a great hidden camera for home security. Mostly I wanted to show the video quality, so excuse the mess!

On the back of the USB charger is a small door that you push up and insert your micro-SD card (not included) The camera will take up to 32gb. (I grabbed mine on Amazon for under $14.00)

The camera has a 90 degree picture angle with 5.0 megapixel quality. The camera records on the micro-SD card and then records over the old footage when full. So if you are searching for an event or think you need to check footage be sure to remove the card as soon as you can.

I found that even in a  very poorly lit room this little camera did a great job. I put the charger in a socket along the baseboard so really all you see is The Husband as he is playing video games. But it at least gives you an idea of a dark area recording.

I’m not sure this qualifies as a whine or not but the box that the camera arrives in a box with a different unit picture on it. I only whine because y’all know how easily I get confused!

The camera itself is awesome! The instructions for set up? AMAZING! The YouTube video made set up so easy! Great camera!!


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