Ridgeyard Multi-functional Heat Press!

If you are new here you haven’t heard that I bought myself a Cricut Explore Air 2 last year. Oh HOLY GUACAMOLE Batman is this a fun machine!!! I’m having a blast with my Cricut!  Last month when my Mom fell and broke her hip, the medication made her wacky and she kept telling me I had a smug mug.  So I went home and whipped out a t-shirt for the next day. Yes, I still think I’m funny and just a tad on the sarcastic side.

Cricut ideas

When 6-year-old Alice says “Non can you make me a t-shirt for art class?” I can design, cut and apply vinyl to a t-shirt for the next day. I love this machine!!!  The shirt has paint spatters everywhere and “Move over Rodrigue, Alice is HERE!”  George Rodrigue is most famous for his Blue Dog paintings.

Baby gifts for my Grand-niece?  DONE!!  I could (AND usually DO!) go on and on!!

Since I’m 100% certain that I love this machine the next purchase had to be a Heat Press. I want to scream GREATEST addition to my Cricut EVER!!!!! I bought myself the Ridgeyard 5 in 1 Multi-Function Heat Press.  The machine has a heating plate of 12″ x 15″ which is perfect for t-shirts, onsies, towels.  Everything I decorate!!  Not to mention I can now add Mugs and Hats!!  No more having to iron on transfers to t-shirts, towels and so on. Now, 30 seconds and DONE!! I don’t even want to think about going back to the iron!!

Heat Press Heatpress Heatpress Heat Press Heat press Heat press, caps, mugs, t-shirts

The device heats up in about 2 minutes. Usually before I’m done weeding (pulling out the small pieces from the vinyl) the last cut out.

The  device beeps that it is still on which is a great feature, you don’t want to leave this on and unattended. So if you are working with one project at a time that beep may get annoying but I normally have all my projects ready to press, assembly line style.

The device allows me to heat it up the vinyl recommended degrees. I can set the timer and it stays set, I don’t have to reset every piece that I place in the machine.

I put the baking mats on the top plate and bottom just to protect the cloth and the vinyl. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary but I do it anyway, mostly because I saw a crafter do that on YouTube and ya’know you can’t lie if its on YouTube…. right??  This also keeps me from having to use a pressing cloth. I cut the baking mat to the size of the top with about an inch overlay, added some strong magnets to hold the baking mats in place and voila!!
Strong craft magnets
The Ridgeyard is heavy. It’s solid and doesn’t move!! The swing arm moves away so you don’t get burned if you need to adjust a piece.
I truly am GIDDY!!!

Between the Cricut and the Ridgeyard I am in crafting HEAVEN!!!!!!!!  The only thing that would make it better??  Would be finding the newest Cricut Maker in my craftroom!! Yes, I am a greedy girl!!  But it will cut out sewing projects without a PATTERN!!!! AND MORE!!!!!!

Cricut Maker


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