Funny painting from Jack Jenkins

April 1 Photo-A-Day FUNNY!

What else would you post for the first of April other than FUNNY!??!

I decided to share the additional original artwork from Jack Jenkins.

While I was a waitress, cook, dishwasher (small town! Only one person works a shift!) I had a customer that I absolutely adored, Jack Henry Jenkins. He didn’t have a lot of money. He did have A LOT of talent. He would sketch on the back of placemats for my tips. He did occasionally bring painted pictures as well. Those are hung in a different area of the house.

You can see the black and white cowboy drawing here. It truly is my favorite drawing and for the last 40+ years has always been displayed in a predominant area of the house.

The other sketches are upstairs. You can see these when you come out of the master bedroom. You’ll notice the pictures were further personalized by my son when he was 4. UGH!!!

Still the best tips I ever received!!




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