Baby news day!!!!!

We saw the new Grandbaby today!!!!!  WOOOO HOOOO! 4D Ultrasound Experience is awesome!! We had 30 minute session. (I have pictures I will have to download tomorrow. For now you’ll have to be happy with the old ultra sound picture) We couldn’t wait around for our copies. Going places for us is an ordeal! DH still can’t drive… so our son had to come to drive us all to the 4D. (DH and I have 2 seater cars! We are 3 since my Mom moved in.  It makes it hard to go places and she won’t get in the trunk!)  (Seriously… my car is small but the trunk is huge!!! I’m just sayin’…) Zac had to get to work after dropping the 3 of us back home… so pictures will be posted tomorrow. Thank you Zachary!  Such a great son!!
I have to tell you my Grandbaby is obsessed with hands! And feet!!  One or the other was always in that babies mouth! Such a cute cute face! At one point even making a ‘mean’ face for the camera. I know you’re thinking well… okay blah blah blah blah now what is it?  HA!!!!  You’ll have to wait till the ‘gender reveal’ party on April 2nd. Course my entire family believes I’ll never make it with a secret this big. I must prove them WRONG!! 

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