BeKoool For Kids Review AND Giveaway!!

Today’s review product sure came in handy last week!! Alice had her first Pre-school cold. Yup, with Pre-school comes tons of fun stuff!!  Great stories, art work, friendships and of course the sharing of germs. Thank you very much for bringing those same germs home to the NaNa! (Who by the way is STILL SICK a week later!! Yes, that WAS a whine!)

All whining aside, Alice was truly miserable, hot, achy and grummmpy!!  So I pulled out the box of BeKoool gel sheets and put them to the test.  Alice is going thru a stage right now of not liking anything NEW!  So when I first show her the box there was a resounding NO WAY! Then I showed her the Disney characters on the sheets and suddenly all was okay. Well played BeKoool! Well played!!

Peel off the backing and simply lay across your child’s forehead. The gel sheet stays ON!! While it’s sticky enough to stay put even when Alice was up and moving it does not leave any sticky residue. You can also remove and reapply to a different area if you want. Which of course we did. At one point the NaNa was able to wear the BeKoool and I have to admit it feels wonderful!! Instant ongoing cooling relief!!

BeKoool is so much nicer than a cooling Alice’s fever than a wet wash cloth! No mess, no drips, no running back and forth to cool off the rag. BONUS! I can also use these to accompany the Tylenol because the BeKoools gel sheets are non medicated.

When I first applied the cooling sheet Alice’s eyes went really wide and she said “OH COLLLLLD NaNa!” To which I immediately asked if she wanted it removed and was immediately told NO it feels good!

Parents no longer have to watch their kids suffer while they wait for medicine to kick in thanks to BeKOOOL‘s immediate and long-lasting cooling relief. BeKOOOL‘s non-medicated soft gel sheets are convenient and fit in your diaper bag or purse. These adhesive and non-messy gel sheets are a wonderful alternative to the traditional messy washcloth or warm bath. Your kids will even think they’re ‘koool’ because they have Disney characters on them.


BeKOOOL‘s easy-to-use, soft gel sheets:

  • Stick to kids’ foreheads, so little ones who are sick can comfortably rest and relax
  • Provide up to eight hours of cooling relief
  • Safe to use with fever-reducing medicine (it’s non-medicated)


Not a single one! Two thumbs way UP from 4 year old Alice and two thumbs way up from The Nana! BeKoool adheres to your forehead, back of the neck, check (thinking of teething pain here!) and it stays put!!

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I’m thrilled with this prize pack from BeKoool! One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win a prize package that includes the entire line of BeKOOOL products, two books from the Llama Llama series, a Kinsa Smart Thermometer and more!!!  Good LUCK!!!

Prize Pack



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