Zelite Infinity THE Sharpest Knife I OWN!!

I am not a chef, I’m a meat and taters kind of cook. Oh I want to be that Master Chef or wield a knife like Gena Davis in A Long Kiss Goodnight!! (this clip has some strong language so be warned)

As soon as this Chefs Knife arrived I immediately flashed to Gena. Yeah, chefs do that!!

So of course I tried to chop like Gena; ummm this knife is SHARP. VERY SHARP!! Right through my finger nail even. This knife is so sharp it didn’t hurt!! I didn’t feel it cut my thumb! Don’t panic, it was a little no stitches needed cut! Just know, Gena Davis I am not!
Want To Prepare Food Exactly like Master Chef’s do on the Cooking Shows? Prepping & Cooking Just Got So Much Easier. You’re Going To Absolutely Love This Professional Chef Knife….

PLEASE STOP AND READ THIS BEFORE BUYING A CHEF KNIFE ONLINE OR IN A STORE… Most sellers don’t want you knowing Japanese VG10 Damascus SUS410 High Carbon Stainless Steel is the secret to long-lasting Performance. Be Careful, Cheap Knives made from Cheap Chinese Metals don’t look Stunning and won’t last nearly as long as ours. Don’t Compare by Price Alone!

More reasons to love this knife is the Cryogenic Cooling so Hardness HRC 61+/-1; FULL Tang; Optimum Balance; G10 Handle; 67-Layer Rose Damascus creates Non-Stick Blade; RARE Tapered Bolster; FULL Blade Design

This knife is rust resistant and stain resistant. The blade has 33-layers per side of SUS410 high carbon stainless steel which means this blade will last me forever!

It doesn’t matter what I cut! Frozen food, veggies, fruit it cuts everything with EASE!!

The Damascus Pattern on the knife means that no food stick to the knife. This knife glides through EVERYTHING I’ve thrown at it!! Nothing sticks to the blade.

This knife fits wonderfully in my hand and in The Husbands as well. The knife is solid, well balanced and stunning to look at too.


Not a single whine here! This Chefs Knife is perfect! Strong, sharp and far out weighs what I can do with my ceramic knives!!



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