Betcha my evening has been wayyyyyy more fun than yours!!  These are our Oscar’s “Salt & Pepper”. They are BIG fish.  Almost 12″ long.  BIG fish!!   Salt was bored and wanted to go on a flop about.  YUP YUP… Salt jumped out of the tank and flopped on the floor.  First though you turn down the tv and ask… “what is that NOISE?” (we have tile floor a big wet fish makes a really odd noise!)   Next you have to catch BIG flopping fish… Soooo much fun.    This isn’t the first time… and won’t be the last I’m sure… Where does she think she’s GOING?!?!
We even keep a fishing lure weight on the tank lid.  So note to self………buy a heavier weight. (Maybe clean the top of the fish tank too… or learn to take a picture that doesn’t show the dirty tank lid!!)
Anyone else have problems keeping Oscars in their tank??


  • betty baez

    Wowza! Those are some bug fish, I had a Koi fish and a bunch of goldfish and they all outgrew the tank it was pretty surprising to see a gold fish the size go my hand and of course the koi fish ended up being about 8 in long

  • Connie Gruning

    Queen, LOL I love the Spinny dance for food! Maybe if Salt and Pepper weren’t so bored they would stay in the TANK!!!!!
    Brandy, I can’t even imagine how big these 2 would get in a 150 gallon tank!
    Betty, I love Koi! They are so pretty! Salt and Pepper will eat from my hand. Which is really cool. Especially if I feed them frozen peas!!

  • THEQueenCobra

    I had an Oscar. He liked to hit the lid of the tank, but he never jumped out. He would do a little ‘spinny’ dance for food! Definitely the most entertaining fish I’ve ever had!

  • Brandy Lewis

    We had to give ours to my sister when it outgrew our 55 gallon. She has a 150 and a 125 gallon. Before she decided she wanted oscars she had three or four huge koi in her big tank and they would jump out all the time. I can’t remember what she used, but they kept something heavy on the lids.

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