BFF’s Best Furry Friends Forever! Easter Idea!!

I’ve told you before how much Alice loves her blind bags. Blind bags and mini’s. Oh my gosh. Alice’s favorite toys are a combination of the two. Small and blind bags. BEST bribes EVER!!! (not that I bribe…nooooooooo not me……. wink wink)

Check out BFF’s! Best Furry Friends Forever. These are super cute little blind bags. Blind bag isn’t so much a bag as it is a little pet house. How stinkin’ cute is that?!

Of course your BFF can’t be in its little house forever so each little BFF arrives with a purse. What could be cuter than a Furry Friend in a purse?! (Okay, so now we are talking my language here!! A purse AND a furry friend?! I’m so in!!)

BFF’s have 60 pieces to collect. It’s time to meet your new BFF – Best Furry Friend that is! Now you can have your bestie in a bag with these adorable little pets! These furry fashionistas love to hang with their number one bestie!! Start collecting today and get your #BFFSquad together!

I adore watching Alice’s face light up when she opens her blind bags. Each BFF is unique. Each BFF has their own interests and their own personality.

Absolutely the perfect addition to an Easter Basket for you little collector.

Stardust, Dash, Sasha, Cuddles, Zara and DeeDee are just some of the BFF’s available! Each BFF has their own personality, interests and attitude, and every #BFFSquad is unique, just like your collector. With over 60 BFF’s and bags to collect, you’ll have the biggest group ever #Squad Goals!

Each little BFF is about 1½” by 1½”. They each feel solid. Each one stands up on its own.

With each BFF is a unique bag and a pet house too.

There are commons, rare and ULTRA RARE! There are also accessories like the BFF’s Carrier and Locket.


Alice doesn’t have a single whine. Super cute and collectible!

Happy collecting!

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