Blog Dare: An impactful book in my life.

I’ve just joined BloggyMoms. The first group I joined is the Blog Dare.  366 writing prompts.  This sounds like so much FUN to me!!  So watch out…. you are about to learn more useless interesting facts about ME!!
So today’s Blog Dare is An impactful book in my life.

Hummmmm I think it would be “Grandmother Remembers”  It’s a memory keeper book my Grandma Jones filled out for me.  It has stories from her childhood starting in 1912.  She shared stories about my Mom. Grandma Jones added old family recipes that I use every holiday. There are pictures, cartoons she liked, greeting cards and my very favorite?  A damaged dollar bill.  For as long as I can remember Grandma would ALWAYS add a dollar bill when she wrote a letter. So as a kid I knew if I wanted a dollar….  write to Grandma.  When I grew up, I worked at a bank, a customer turned in the worst damaged dollar I had ever seen.  I bought that dollar and sent it to Grandma.  She kept and taped it into the book.  I love that book.
Someday when my Grandkids are older we’ll sit and read all about their Great Great Grandma Jones.  Who knows maybe they will want to write to Nonnie??  A real letter?

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