Boo Boo Gel!!

Boo Boo GelIf you heard me on Blythe Lipman’s Baby and Toddler Instruction radio show last week I gushed about Painted Earth’s Boo Boo Gel. I love this stuff!! This little 2 ounce jar quickly became a favorite product. I can’t image NOT having Boo Boo Gel in my beauty arsenal. This stuff is amazing! You can use Boo Boo Gel for bug bites, cuts, bruises and more!  Boo Boo Gel is super fast relief!  This is also a natural anti-inflammatory that nourishes your skin.

Here is what I’ve found. If I had a late night the next morning my skin looks tired, my eyes are puffy and I’m immediately in a bad mood!!  I put Boo Boo Gel all over my face and WOWOW!!!  Boo Boo Gel tightens and refreshes my face. I FEEL AWAKE!! Putting Boo Boo Gel on feels like splashing cold water on my face but the effects last for hours!! A small amount of Boo Boo Gel goes a long way. All I do is touch my fingertips to the gel (almost feels like you’re patting jello!) and spread it around my face. Seriously, a little goes a long way!! Boo Boo Gel dries quickly, my skin doesn’t feel like it has a mask on, it’s not tight like my skin would crack if I smile. My skin is firm, soft and smooth. My pores look smaller, my bags are greatly reduced. My make-up lasts longer.

My Mom and I recently had a girls weekend out. We were dragging the day we were leaving to come home. I had Mom try the Boo Boo Gel. She was floored at how awake she felt! How great her skin felt. I almost had to wrestle her to the ground to keep my Boo Boo Get.

Boo Boo Gel is natural and organic. (AND MAGIC!!) Use this gel as a preventative treatment as well as an anti-aging for the skin. It’s a blemish blaster. This would be a perfect product for teens too!! There is a clean refreshing scent that almost completely disappears when Boo Boo Gel dries.

Trials have proven that this potent active formulation has superior healing qualities and capabilities.
This product is made in the USA, cruelty-free, free of animal byproducts.

I give Boo Boo Gel a million thumbs WAY UP!!!  This little jar is worth it’s weight in gold!! So at $25 with Free Shipping it’s a fantastic bargain!!  This jar will last me for at least 2 months. (I’m thinking more like 3 months, because a little truly goes a very long way). Check back next week I have more products from Painted Earth to share with you. (MAN I love this company!! Their products are phenomenal!! I can’t wait to tell you about the make UP!! Like the SuperWear Gel eyeliner!! OH MAN!!!)

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