Brightech SPIDER Car Jump Starter

Brightech no longer sells this item. However, I did find a close match. (Actually, I think NOCO is better!) NOCO

This has quickly become one of my favorite companies! Seriously, these guys have thought of everything to make our lives easier!! Check out the Brightech SPIDER; this is a car jump starter and battery charger for all of my mobile devices!!

The Brightech SPIDER car jump starter arrives in it’s own carrying case!! This is a SWEET product!! Not only does it give a boost of 400 Amps; but the charger has an integrated LED light and a USB charging port. So not only can I jump-start my car, but I can charge everything from my iPad to my Galaxy S4 phone!! My iPod and my daughters iPhone!!

Inside the nylon carrying case is the SPIDER Battery, charging cable (USB to 30 pin/lightning cable/micro USB) alligator clips, car charger and wall charger. Everything all together in one spot!! The carrying case has a heavy duty zipper that goes all the way around making it easy to open the lid all the way.

The SPIDER Battery has 5 LED lights on the front with the power button. Cycling through the LED you have the flash light, fast strobe, slow strobe and off. The flashlight is BRIGHT!! Perfect for emergencies!!

The ports are easy to access, I truly am giddy over being able to charge my phone and iPad anytime I need too! I can’t wait to use this in Yosemite while we are camping this May!!

The SPIDER is a 8,000 mah battery, perfect for charging my electronics. However to jump start your car you need to be sure you have at least 3 LEDs of power. Which is about half charge on the battery itself.


(Bonus! The instructions are printed on the alligator clip adapter!! YEAH! No scrambling to read the directions in the dark!) Jump-starting your car is almost like jump-starting from another car. Hook the end with the large adapter to the charger, there is a covered port on the end of the charger. Attach the alligator clips to the proper positive/negative connection on the car battery. The transformers LED green light comes on letting you know when to hit the boost button. Start the car to begin drawing power from the SPIDER.


Brightech knocks it out of the ballpark again!! The Brightech SPIDER car jump starter is awesome! Not only does everything stay together in the case, but the charge on the battery lasts a long time!! This would be THE perfect gift for anyone that drives a car!! Absolutely a must have for kids that are heading out to college or out of state!! AND if you’re looking for a gift for a trucker? I gotcha covered.



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