Winkine Vintage Canvas Backpack Review!

If you’ve been on my blog for any length of time then you know, I babysit my 3-year-old Granddaughter Alice during the week. Since every now and again, The NaNa get’s a bit of quiet time; (which I might add is getting less and less the older she gets!!) but, during that quiet time I like to work in my reviews. So, I carry a lot of stuff back and forth. Using a backpack or as Alice calls it my pack-pack; is truly ideal!!

Check out my new Winkine backpack, not only is it as cute as all get out, but it’s light weight!! Having a light weight but strong backpack is perfect!! I pack a LOT of stuff in my pack! The backpack exterior material is made of durable and practical high quality canvas. While the inside is lined in a soft brown lining material. The leatherette straps are really sturdy and easily adjustable.


Whether you are using the backpack for school, books or even as a day-pack this is a great bag!! I love the vintage sophisticated black and white Aztec design; I promise you it looks even better in real life!!

The backpack has a drawstring cinch top gives a nice shape to the bag when closed. The holes are riveted so you know this bag will last. The buckles on the outside are purely decorative so you aren’t scrambling to open those! The buckles do have functional snaps under them. The front has 2 equal size pockets approximately 4 1/2″ tall and 4″ wide and 1″ deep. Both pockets have the flap closure like top their straps also have the fake buckle and actual snap closure.

This backpack is not only well constructed but it’s BIG!! With one large main compartment, an inner pocket with a zipper and two outside pockets.IMG_0002

How big? Well, for the last week here is what I’ve been carrying, comfortably I might add!!
iPad, 2 different crafts for Alice, scarf, books, 2 kids books as well; it’s probably better to just show you, BTW there was plenty of room left to add more stuff! I also didn’t empty out the front pockets or the inside pocket.

The inside is fully lined with brown fabric. The lining has a 4″ X 6″ zippered pocket inside the back.

The bag has a reinforced flat bottom. The backpack 12½” and approximately 7″ wide.

This bag is truly big enough to accommodate everything and anything you need to take with you. From a 14 inch laptop, to school binders, notebooks and textbooks. Special compartments for your wallet, phone, pen, iPad and more.


I do wish the main closure magnet were stronger. If (okay WHEN) I over-pack my backpack the main flap pops open. It’s not a huge deal since you can cinch the backpack closed and everything stays inside safe and secure. It’s more of an aesthetic thing than anything else. Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with this bag!! It’s so cute too!!!



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