Burgers’ Smokehouse THE BEST RIBS I’ve EVER had!!!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love my job!! I get to review some FANTASTIC products!! Today’s, review has to be, back the truck up the driveway with MORE, PLEASE, deeeeelicious review!! Burgers’ Smokehouse Ribs are hands down the BEST ribs I have ever, AND I DO MEAN EVER!! tasted!! Like a lot of people I LOVE RIBS!!! But, never in my entire 55 years have I ever had ribs this tender, this flavorful, this melt in your mouth delicious. OH MAMMA! These were so good. Please…. oh Dearest Santa could you drop off a freezer jam packed with Smokehouse Ribs?!? Please?! 

Seriously, an easy and delicious meal!! These are a premier cut of rib!  The Baby Back pork ribs are specially selected, hand spiced, sauced and cooked under the close supervision of their Smokemaster. Finished slabs weigh 1.75 to 2.75 lbs. and are individually vacuum sealed. They’ve done all the work so all that’s left for you is heat and serve.  We heated our Burgers’ Smokehouse ribs in an oven bag and they came out SO TENDER!!!!  

Seriously, these guys know what they are doing. The flavor is amazing, the meat literally falls off the bone. Unlike other ribs I’ve had, there is a LOT of meat on those bones!! Smokehouse ribs give a whole new meaning to finger lickin’ PERFECT!!

Then came Burgers’ Smokehouse Bacon. YUMMMM Bacon…. ahhhhh meat candy!! Thick sliced bacon that reminds me of the bacon we had living on the farm. Nothing has ever come close. Burgers’ Smokehouse, came close then ran right on past!! WOW this is good AMAZING bacon!! Until you taste Burgers’ Smokehouse Bacon you don’t realize what you’re missing in the store bought bacon. It’s an amazing difference. 100% DELICIOUS!!!!   Great…….. now I’m hungry AGAIN!!! Breakfast and BLT’s and nothing left but crumbs!! Absolutely delicious!! 

I am blown away by the taste!! Burgers’ Smokehouse knows their stuff!! You can tell they are true craftsman of the Smokehouse!! No wonder they have been in business since 1952!!!

100% quality!! 100% delicious!! 100% finger lickin’ delicious!!  I truly can’t quit gushing about the ribs and the bacon!!  Seriously, just order some. Then come back and comment so we can gush together!!!  I promise you, YOU WILL NOT BE disappointed!!! BEST-RIBS-E-V-E-R!!!

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