• How to Monetize Your Blog

    Maybe you have been running a blog for a while; you have a high readership, and now is the time to monetize; alternatively, you could be a startup brand or business who wants to gain traction right away. If you’re interested in monetizing your blog this winter, you’re in the right place. Below are some pro tips on how to get started.  Sell Advertising Space  One of the easiest ways to monetize your blog is to sell Ad space. The majority of platforms allow you to do this in the form of Ad space. You can allow display ads on there – ones not relevant to an audience – or…

  • 4 Big Pieces of Advice for Getting Your Own Mommy Blog Off the Ground!!

    If you dream of turning your passion for motherhood into a full-time income via blogging, you’re certainly not alone. But if you’re also struggling to get from Point A to Point B with your own blog, you’re certainly not alone. For starters, it pays to have realistic expectations in terms of what’s possible and what’s not. Let’s be honest: it’s difficult to juggle the day-to-day responsibilities of a mother and run a blog at the same time. Beyond finding the time, there’s no denying that competition in the blogosphere is fierce as everyone’s trying to grow their audience at the same time. That’s no excuse to get discouraged and give…

  • Wild Weekend Hop

    I am trying to get my numbers up for Google Friend Connect, Facebook and Twitter.  So I’m trying another blog hop today.  Let’s everyone keep our fingers crossed this one goes better than before!! Soooooo HELLLLOOOOOO to my new followers! Thank you so much for the follow!! Now if you aren’t here from the hop….. well, you still could join the GoogleFriendConnect…..group…. Twitter… what about the daily newsletter??  Or you could just vote for me on Picket Fence… I’m shameless….. I will beg for hits…… Have a great weekend all.  And if you live back east?  BE SAFE!!!

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