• View from my porch

    How Photography Can Ignite Your Imagination

    Photographs can have a powerful impact on the imagination. Whether they are a documentary image that captures the impact of war or an artistic portrait, a well-crafted photograph can convey emotion and story. Getting inspiration for photography doesn’t have to be difficult. From trying new techniques to traveling to different locations, there are many ways to find new inspiration for your photos. It’s a Way to Express Yourself Photography is an art form that allows for a lot of personal expression. The best photographers, like Zoe Reardon can create images that express their personalities and emotions. Photography can also be used to document events in our lives or to share…

  • Photo’s On Canvas! My FAVORITE Way To Decorate

    If you know me via the Internet or in real life, you KNOW I love taking pictures.  I love to decorate with my photographs on canvas.  I would say 99% of the art in my home consists of photos I’ve taken. There is Idaho and of course family photos. If you follow me on Instagram (no?? Why not? I’m funny! But, mostly my view is spectacular! AND there’s a DOG!!) I’ve taken so many photos from my deck that over looks Lake Ponderay. This view! I STILL can’t believe I live here!  No matter how many pictures I take of this view each one is different. Then the wildlife! Oh…

  • Trail Cam Friday November 27th

    I know I haven’t posted many Trail Cam Friday’s lately, but things in our yard had been pretty boring. This past week though we’ve had a couple of beautiful bucks!  You know I’m hoping for those shed’s (antlers) to drop by the house for me, come spring!! Aren’t they so handsome??  

  • A to Z April Challenge Letter H

    Hurl.  What do you get when you mix a new grandchild and a new camera?  You get a Grandma that shoots photo’s in rapid sucession!! My H word is HURL….. No baby was actually thrown in this example.  Still one of the FUNNIEST set of photo’s I’ve taken. A to Z Challenge blog everyday except Sunday (per the rules) with my theme being what makes me happy, what inspires me and what makes me ME!!!  So be prepared for more information about me than you ever wanted to know!!

  • Mixbook

    LOOK at that face!!!!!!!  I’ve been going through pictures all day working on my new Mixbook project. I have a coupon that will expire ummmm tomorrow at midnight…… I know…..I know…. I’ve had the coupon for a few months now… but like DH said this morning “You work better under pressure anyway” So, tomorrow I will proof read the digital photo album and get it ordered.  If you’ve never tried Mixbook you really should!! I love Mixbook! There are stickers you can add, tons of backgrounds and layout designs too.  The books I’ve done before have come out so adorable.  I love this company!! I noticed today they now offer calendars.  I do a family…