• Photo’s On Canvas! My FAVORITE Way To Decorate

    If you know me via the Internet or in real life, you KNOW I love taking pictures.  I love to decorate with my photographs on canvas.  I would say 99% of the art in my home consists of photos I’ve taken. There is Idaho and of course family photos. If you follow me on Instagram (no?? Why not? I’m funny! But, mostly my view is spectacular! AND there’s a DOG!!) I’ve taken so many photos from my deck that over looks Lake Ponderay. This view! I STILL can’t believe I live here!  No matter how many pictures I take of this view each one is different. Then the wildlife! Oh…

  • Trail Cam Friday December 4th #wildlifephotography

    Yeah, the camera batteries died and the date is wrong on all of these. Next Friday should have correct day and time. Gesh! If it isn’t one thing it’s a million others. Most of these are picture in the dark because it gets DARK AT 3:30 in the AFTERNOON!!! WhatTHE?!?! I’m really sad that my wild bears haven’t been by in over 2 weeks. Maybe next weeks Trail Cam Friday.  

  • Trail Cam Friday November 27th

    I know I haven’t posted many Trail Cam Friday’s lately, but things in our yard had been pretty boring. This past week though we’ve had a couple of beautiful bucks!  You know I’m hoping for those shed’s (antlers) to drop by the house for me, come spring!! Aren’t they so handsome??