• Flip Flops!!!

    I was thinking I really need a new pair of flipflops……… and now I know where to go to get a pair! or 10,000!!!!!! A Dutch artist named Florentijn Hofman built this using 10,000 flip flops!

  • New Highchair

    Dear Selena and Dan, I promise never to put Alice in this type of chair.  (or at least I promise I won’t take a picture) I’m lying…… I am soooooooooo doing this!!  Only I will cut the watermelon smaller I don’t want her little arms to be uncomfortable!  I’m a WAY better Nonnie than that!!

  • What a GREAT day!!

    Ahhhhhh this is the sound of a content Nonnie.  I spent the day with my entire family!!! Eli and Emma had plenty of kisses to go around. Even for each other!! Alice told fishing stories to Uncle Zac (apparently one big one got away!!) There was cake! There was some jaw dropping conversations! And there was toe lickin’! Yum toes….. gooood!! What a GREAT Saturday!!

  • Teasin’

    Thank you Barbara for tonight’s blog.  I love anything that makes Barbara laugh. I REALLY love it when she laughs so hard she looks like she’s crying and she can’t stop and catch her breath.  Wait… that was mean!! Ohhh wait… I AM MEAN!!  So Barbara get your hanky.

  • Wednesday Giveaways

    This one ends really quick so go quickly!!Here’s what you could win…………. http://www.504main.com/2011/04/epic-giveaway-lifestyle-crafts-epic-six.html?showComment=1302727968736#c503428277571899329 THIS is what you could make!! Ohhhhh I want ONE!!!!!!!! If you win can I come over and use yours??

  • Daddy Daycare

    DH is still not able to be left alone so the words “Daddy Daycare” take on a WHOLE different meaning from the movie!! Do you know how much you have to pay for daycare for a husband?!?!  Nothing….. that’s why I had children!!  HA!!!! That’s just a nice way of saying I’ve gotten to leave the house TWICE this week!!  TWICE!! That’s major! I’m relaxed and rejuvenated!!

  • I spent the entire day with my oldest daughter Selena! ALL DAY!! I’m in heaven.  Selena well, not as much (Hello! Think of all day with YOUR mother!) AAhhhhh I don’t care… in 2 months she’ll have her own daughter that will have to put up WITH HER!  (Okay maybe not so much right at first…. okay… never mind… bad example). We had a great BabyShower up in L.A. This is one VERY lucky little girl!!n (the baby.. not Sel… well, you know what I mean) Also… HATE L.A. traffic! WHERE are all those people GOING!? WHY is there a traffic jam on a Sunday afternoon?!?! Other than traffic… awesome…

  • Family Picture Blocks

    In March I won a giveaway from Coupon Deals and Steals. I won a set of DoubleMintDesigns picture blocks.  After Deanna finished the blocks she sent me a picture of the finished project to okay. Well, I couldn’t wait to get a picture of the blocks on the blog that I posted the picture Deanna sent. I probably should have waited till they arrived here.  That picture confused DH!!  DH said “Those blocks came out great. Where’d ya put ’em?” Me “I don’t know yet”DH “But there on the blog”Me “That’s picture that I approved the blocks”DH “But, where did you put them”Me “I haven’t decided”DH “But, where are they now?” Me “In the mail” DH “How’d…

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