Choosing A Marriage Invitation Card

Your marriage invitation is an introduction to the guests that when the wedding is going to happen and where it is going to happen. A wedding invitation usually represents your own preferences and your aesthetic sense. You might think that it is not a tiresome process but it is. Everything needs to be spot on and according to your liking before everything is sent out. The coordination on the wedding invitations should be as beautiful as the wedding day itself. There are certain tips and tricks that you can learn from your friends or your family on how to nail a perfect marriage invitation card.

After the date is set and the venue has been chosen the next step that is going to have you on your toes is definitely a wedding invitation. There are so many things that you have to choose from. From the font, paper type, color scheme, size, seals and cost there is a lot to think about and a lot to put your mind to. This is when your creativity is put to a test. You can design your cards yourself or you can look into pre-made designs. Those designs that are already available in the market make your life easy and save you a lot of time.

Pre-made cards   

Many websites offer design templates that just have to be filled with the information that is needed for the guests to know. These templates save a lot of time and money for people who want to go custom-made. There are always alternatives available for everything. You just have to choose the right thing and make the right decision keeping in mind the theme of your wedding.

Wedding invitations

How to choose the perfect card 

After a lot of surfing the internet when you finally come across a design that you like you need to have a checklist that will help you navigate through the cards and choose the card of your liking. Keep in mind the small details that will make everything look spectacular. When these small things add up they make something beautiful.

  • Focus on the size and shape: It is important to know and choose the right shape and size for the wedding card. People prefer to have smaller cards that are easy to handle and the postage cost on them is also not very much. This has to be the first thing that should be taken into consideration.
  • The theme for the invitation: The next most important thing is the theme for the invitation card. There Are hundreds of themes that you can choose but you can make a premade card look like your own by adding small details that will make it look more like it’s yours. If you are having a more modern wedding then picture your cards to be the same way but if you are having a traditional wedding then your cards will also depict that.
  • Keep it simple: What details you are adding to the card should be simple and easy to understand. The spellings and the formation of words should be paid close attention to.
  • Triple check before sending out: When you are finally done with your cards double and triple check what you have printed so that they are ready to be sent out without any errors or mistakes. You have to be the proofreader of your own wedding invitations.

After your cards have been made there should be no delay in sending them out so that they reach the guests on time. It takes a few days for the cards to arrive if they are sent by post, otherwise, the new and modern means of sending a wedding card is via social media.


  • heather

    This was a super informative post to read. I like the old fashion way of sending wedding invitations. I think it is important not to over spend on the invitations. I do not like the idea of emailing them at all.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I doubt I’ll ever be needing wedding invitations, lol, but I do like the old-style mailed invitation!. But I see the value of emailed invites, too. They would save time & money.

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