Chutes And Ladders Family Game Review & GIVEAWAY!!

I don’t know about you, but I loved the board game Chutes And Ladders as a kid and now I get to enjoy this same game with my GRANDKIDS!!! Okay, that’s bizarre to me, a board game that I played as a kid, I played with my kids! Now my grandkids?! WOW! Milton Bradley designs games that last for generations! Winning Moves has added Chutes And Ladders to their amazing selection of games. The artwork for the game is the same as it was in the 1970’s. How fun is that?!


Did you know that the original game came from England and was called “Snakes and Ladders”. When Milton Bradley brought the game to the United States the basic concept was the same except for a few tweaks and renamed Chutes And Ladders in 1943!! That’s a game that has truly stood the test of time!

As a refresher, to play the game you climb up the ladder and slide down the chute. The game allows for 4 players. There are 100 squares. Spin the spinner for a number 1 to 6 and if luck is on your side a ladder is in that space and you move up faster. Of course if you land on a chute….. well, back ya go.

I was excited to play with 5-year-old Alice. (Yes, my partner in reviews turned 5 on June 1st! FIVE!!)image

Alice and I started playing our game, the instructions are super easy and written IN THE BOX LID!! I love, love, love that!! You can’t lose the instructions if they are printed in the lid. (Well, most people couldn’t anyway)

Alice caught on right away. Spin the spinner count your spaces. All is going well and good until The NaNa moved ahead. Ummm hummm someone was not a fan. (Okay, there was a temper tantrum and a lot of moving The NaNa’s pieces backwards) We had to have a nice long discussion about learning to be a good sport. Following the new rules and such. Then The NaNa hit a chute and all was well and good in Alice’s world.

Chutes and Ladders is fun and a great way to teach sportsmanship! (Or try anyway!)

The game board is a great weight. The spinner is sturdy. The player pieces are on small plastic pieces to hold them straight up.


The only whine I have is that Alice cheats! About the board game? Not a single whine. I didn’t have whines when I was 5 and I still don’t have any other whines! This is another great family game from Winning Moves!


I am thrilled to host a giveaway so that one lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own copy of Chutes & Ladders! GOOD LUCK!!!!



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