Casofu® Blue Mermaid Tail Blanket Review

I have the cutest, sunggliest, soft, unique throw to share with you today. Check out my new Mermaid Tail throw!! This throw is crocheted by hand!! I absolutely adore handcrafted items and this throw is perfect!

Starting with the packaging. The Mermaid Throw is wrapped in a beautiful gold grosgrain ribbon along with a free Mermaid Necklace. Such a wonderful touch and absolutely perfect timing because Alice turned 5 and had a Mermaid Party!!

The Mermaid Tail Throw can be used all year-long!! The yarn weight is perfect!!

Starting with the top. The backside of the throw is open so you can easily slip your legs into the throw. The Mermaid Tail opens up so that you can uncover your feet if you start to get too warm. I LOVE that feature!! The tail is 71″ long and at the widest it is 32″ the tail will fit just about everyone comfortably. I ordered the blue color, made with a variegated yarn, the color is almost a very light turquoise, sort of crystal clear water in color. It’s beautiful in person!! The Tail is created with a cable knit pattern. I am 5’5″ and I can pull this over my head if I wanted too and have lots of length left! Added bonus, it also comes in a smaller kids size!! 55″ tall and 24″ wide. How cute would this be as a Mommy & Child gift!?!

The Mermaid Tail comes in blue, red and purple too. (Personally, you can’t go wrong with the blue)

This throw looks perfect in the bedroom or the livingroom. I personally love to cuddle up in my Mermaid Tail on the bed and read a book. It’s so comfortable that I only manage to read a chapter or two before I am enjoying nap time!!

This throw can be hand washed or taken to the dry cleaner. It’s not recommended that you machine wash this throw.


Not a single whine, the throw is warm, soft, cuddly. I completely and totally recommend this blanket!! It would make an amazing gift for any Mermaid in your life!! (Or Merman!) I truly can’t imagine anyone not thoroughly loving this throw.



  • Ann

    Interesting product, and thank you for featuring and reviewing it!
    For me personally…
    — PROS: Nice/pretty color, looks very well-made– love the pattern(s)!; unique, soft, cozy, cuddly.
    — CON: Mermaid tail.
    …I simply do not get this whole mermaid craze at all. (Although I ~have~ seen some ka-yooot girls’ “mermaid” bathing suits on Instagram & Etsy lately!) It creeps me out a little, actually. Like those mermaid-tail keychains? …Creepy. Scaly, creepy, fish scales.
    But, um, that aside… I ~can~ easily see how someone would just fall in love with this blanket. It truly is unique! For those who love all things mermaid, this is absolutely purrrfect. (Sorry– I love cats! Can’t think of a mermaid-y adjective. :p )

  • Courtney - Maui Jungalow

    It’s adorable. Discovered several comments on my blog that were in my spam folder in Disqus, from 2013. What a shock. From the first A-Z Challenge I did, when my brain was pretty crazy. So, I’m reciprocating. Not sure if I ever visited your blog in 2013. If not, sorry about that! I’ll add you to my bloglovin feed.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I started to say it might be a little tight, but it looks very roomy in the pictures. I think I need one, lol.

  • Lauryn R

    This is such a fun throw, I want one (and so would my daughters)! I love that it opens up on the fin, that is such a cool feature. This blanket is cute and functional, which I love! 🙂

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    This is so cute. My granddaughter would love this. It looks so soft and comfy. Thank you for sharing this

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