Swimsuit Season! Babi-Kini Style! GIVEAWAY!!

Y’all know we live at the beach and the pool until the water is so cold The NaNa refuses to get in the water. Summertime Alice is in the pool at LEAST once a day. EVERYDAY!! One of the smartest things that Alice’s parents insist on is Swim-shirts for Alice. Every. Single. Swim. Day.
So, what exactly is a Swim Shirt? Well, it’s similar to a Rash Guard, except it isn’t as tight-fitting. A Swim Shirt is more loose than a Rash Guard and made of nylon. It’s still great at wicking away moisture. It’s still comfortable to wear. The most important feature is the fact that these long sleeve or ¾ sleeve sunshirts still protect the skin from UV rays.

Doesn’t Alice looks adorable in her Sunshirt set??? Adorable AND she is protected from the sun.

Check out this Hilo Sunshirt from Babi-kini!! The cutest sunshirts, swimsuits and bikinis ever! So absolutely adorable!! The Sunshirts fit like they were made specifically for her. A beautiful Hawaiian design on the top, with a coordinating little ruffle at the waist, with matching ¾ sleeves and a separate bikini bottom all in the same material. The drawstring on the sides of the bikini bottom have coordinating colored beads on the ends. Even if the drawstring comes untied the bottoms don’t get loose and fall down, which is a great feature.

There are so many different suits each one more adorable as the next! Available so many places too!!  You can check availability here.

While Sunshirts protect the skin under them don’t forget to add sunscreen to the exposed areas! Especially those little faces and legs!

I love, love, love Babi-kini! Beautiful well-constructed suits for infants to 6 years old! 15 pounds to 48 pounds. Not only bright colorful fabrics, fun designs too. From bikini’s to one piece suits the selection is awesome!!

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Not a single one! I love the fit! The colors, the fabrics and the designs of Babi-Kini and I know you will too! A picture of Alice sporting the second Sunshirt will get added soon, turning five-years-old came with a nasty cold. So no swimming or modeling today.

I am thrilled to host a giveaway for Babi-Kini!! Win one swimsuit of your choice!! Good Luck!!

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