Super Deal Salon Beauty Skin Rejuvenator, Microdermabrasion Review

I am at it again searching for younger, softer skin! This is the 3-1 Mini Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine.

I called my bestest gal-pal Deborah (THE beautician) and we tried out the 3-1 Mini Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine
One whine we both had right away was the lack of directions included with the machine. Thank heavens for YouTube. Sorry for all the laughing, but it’s what happens when Deb and I are together for longer than 20 seconds.

Once we got the machine together we wanted to get to cleaning face, hands and problem areas. Another whine came to light; there are no directions giving you hints or suggestions for which diamond tip to use for face, body or hands. A cheat sheet for which tip at which time would be very helpful with this machine.

The 3-1 Mini Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine is great for cleaning the dirt and debris in your pores. The machine also helps increase blood circulation. I love it for improving my skins elasticity and decreasing the discoloration of my age spots.

The machine is small in size but still too large to leave out on the bathroom counter. The machine is quiet enough that when you are using it the entire household is not disturbed.
The package includes:
Diamond Dermabrasion Machine Model number 108 1
PVC vacuum hose 6 4 1
Aluminum wands 3
Diamond tips 9
Cotton filter 1 pack approximately 100 pads
Connector, tube rings & fuses
Ventures 3
Spray bottles 2
English manual
Available voltage: 110v – 240v
Gross weight: about 9 pounds

This diamond tipped microdermabrasion machine set is a professional system that really does exfoliate the outermost layer of your skin. Good bye dead skin cells, hello beautiful skin.

There are 9 different heads that come with the microdermabrasion machine. They range in size from large to small. The larger we believe is for doing mostly body work. The smallest fit around the nose area.

Once you get the machine together you can regulate the amount of suction you want to use for the area of skin you are treating.

There are also two bottles included that can be filled with toner or even water if you wanted. We put mineral water in one, it makes the wand move a little smoother for those with sensitive skin. Adding a calming toner to the second bottle really helps with the redness my skin has after a treatment.

Another big bonus is the fact that you get 3 wands with the unit, so if you were doing a complete microdermabrasion treatment you could have all three heads set up and ready to go.

Included with the machine is an additional O-ring, small filters and large filters. I think there are at least 100 in each. They are extremely thin so if the filter seems thick, you have more than one stuck together. You don’t want to waste extra filters.

The machine has a handy acrylic shelf bolted to the side so everything stays together, which is another nice touch.

Again the manual is no help on how to maintain the tips, but we have been using warm soapy water (we suggest an antibacterial hand soap) and air dry the tips and they seem fine. You can use a nail brush to gently clean the diamond tips as well.

As far as results, even after one use we both were very impressed with the softness of our skin! Adding serums and moisturizers after the treatment made my skin SUPER soft!! It really helped my skin absorb products quicker and more deeply.

Once we were done with our treatments we were both very impressed (and slightly grossed out) at how discolored the filters were. WOW! I never ever go to bed with makeup on. I use a good cleanser, I regularly use an exfoliate and yet ……. ewwwww. Lots of dead skin.

Again the instructions don’t mention how often we can use the machine. We would suggest once a week for a couple of months or until you see the results that you want. Then you should be in maintenance mode of once a month.

For the cost of just ONE Microdermabrasion treatment you could have the machine and do as many treatments as you desire!

This last video I want to say I am NOT a professional. I am a total newbie at this; I am only showing how I personally use the machine. I am not recommending you follow my lead!!


The manual, the manual, the manual, that’s our whine. There needs to be more information. More directions, more tips and hints and more graphics. The machine itself is awesome and Deborah and I are very happy with the results!



  • Tamra Phelps

    I would totally give it a try. (But there’s so much there it looks like one of those socket sets for wrenches, lol) I would definitely need some directions! They need to think about including those!


    It looks like something Dr Frankenstein might use! Not that I’m suggesting you or Deborah are monsters but it is scary-looking!

  • michele soyer

    This is set an updated version of something I had years ago.. It is something I would definitely buy again. Thank you for the post….

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