PowerLead RC Excavator Review

Check out my new toy!! A Remote Control Excavator!! My Grandson is gonna love this thing!! But, for now The Husband and I are having just as much fun! Who knew RC stuff was so fun?? (I guess anyone under 30 huh??)


This is PowerLead Ptco T009 RC Excavator Battery Powered Electric RC Remote Control Construction Tractor With Lights & Sound.

This 1:18 Model Proportion Excavator is very detailed in looks. The yellow and black tractor even looks like a rugged construction machine.


The tractor comes completely assembled except the rechargeable batteries need to inserted. I do love that it takes a small phillips screwdriver to swap out batteries, with young kids around I want to know that the batteries are not going into someone’s mouth!

The remote also needs 2 double AA batteries which were also included. That’s a great perk!!

The controller resembles the controller that The Husband uses for his XBox so he really got the hang of what button does what. Me? Well, I don’t play XBox but I do love to push buttons. I’m a push buttons till it does what I want it to do! (or until someone takes it away from me). The remote is easy to learn which is nice. There is no user manual, however, everything you need to know really is on the box. One thing I really love about this Excavator is the Auto Demo feature! That way we see right away what all the Excavator can do. That is very cool feature.
The body rotates 360º The shovel rotates 680º By the way, if you need proof that California is in a drought check out my yard. Hard as a ROCK!! I think a real excavator would even have problems!

This will be super fun to play with on the beach though! I love the fact that the shovel is made of a nice sturdy plastic. So it really can dig; just not in my yard! But, it’s good to know that the bucket/shovel will hold up.

One of my all time favorite features of this excavator is the button to turn OFF the flashing lights and sounds!! I LOVE THAT!!! While the sounds are great at first, as with every toy the sounds can get on a parent of grandparents nerves.


Not a single one. This is a fun, rugged toy!! The tractor is constructed of fade-resistant material. There is no glue, screws or anything it’s all high-quality ABS plastic.
There are sound effects, lights and auto mode. What more could I possibly ask for? Well, except that I do wish that Excavator would dig me a pool! Just sayin.



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