Leungyo 3D Printing Pen Review

3D Printing is everywhere. From machines that can create spare parts for machines to 3D printers that can create artificial limbs! Technology is absolutely amazing. Since it’s technology, well, I must have it!! Why?? Noooo, I’m not creating a limb, or even a spare part. I am just creating fun designs and having fun with it.
The 3D Pen uses the latest technology in 3D printing. Using FDM Technology which stands for fused deposition modeling. A technology that has been adapted from Makerbot and 3D systems.

A very general comparison is that this 3D Pen is similar to a hot glue gun, except that the filament hardens faster and you can create 3D shapes and pieces! Just let your imagination go! Of course if you are like me and you are creative challenged! Then you follow little design cheats or YouTube videos.

I found that this 3D Pen took me a LOT of practice, but remember I’m not artistic. Not even a little bit!

This pen is great for ages 8 to 100! Children should be supervised because the tip does get very hot, just like a hot glue gun. The filament does cool almost instantly. You can control how hot (ie how slowly the filament comes out of the tip) which is nice for building upwards. (Or practicing!)

The 3D Pen arrives in a nice colorful, sturdy box and everything fits easily inside for storing. Including the extra filament.

The pen arrives with 3 sample rolls of filament, pale yellow, neon green and gold.

You can use the 3D pen on a tile surface, cardboard or silicone cutting board which is my favorite.

There is also a holder for the pen included in the box.   This pen fits for both FBA and PLA filament.
When you are watching my video don’t forget that I am seriously, not the creative one in the family.


My only whine is actually about the base or holder for the Leungyo 3D pen. It isn’t quite sturdy enough to hold the pen well at times. If you have too much filament the pen and base topple over. Adding a heavier piece of metal to the base would solve this problem. Overall I’m having a great time playing with my new 3D Pen.



  • Ann

    I can’t stop laughing. And this is really bad, because I’ve been really sick with some kind of respiratory nightmare. First there is an ad just to the right of the comment box, featuring two toddlers with… painted butts? Who is funding this blog?
    Ms. Connie, if I’m known for one thing at all– just ONE THING, ever, AT ALL– it’s posting needlessly lengthy and elaborate comments. But I really can’t say much about this pen thing, because–
    I cannot get the image of that neon green [*squiggle flower doodle* ALICE] out of my mind. …And you know what? I DON’T WANT TO.
    Ms. Connie, please do not ever say that you are not artistic.
    You are brilliant. And I mean that with utmost sincerity. (Whoever painted those baby butts could learn a thing or two from your artistic flair and creative finesse.)


    This would be utterly wasted on me I’m afraid! I’ve got a slight tremor so my designs would be all over the place.

  • michele soyer

    I have never seen this before.. It is so pretty and creative..I know what I could create with this pen.. Thank you…

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